Hi there (:
I was tagged by TheLittleBrownie. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1069926

so here are ten facts about me:

1. I'm addicted to coffee! especially to Starbucks coffee. I just love love love it!

2. I think spiders are disgusting. eww, i hate them!

3. My favorite Movie is Remember Me. 

4. I think the hottest male actors are Jensen Ackles, Kellan Lutz, Paul Wesley , Ian Somerhalder and Jackson Rathbone.

5. If i could be another Person just for a day, i would like to be Kristen Stewart or Taylor Momsen.

6. I love my little brother, but sometimes he drives me crazy.

7. My boyfriend ist looking like a monkey :D

8. in a month i will be 16.

9. I hate Math.

10. I have a DVD player but no Discs. 

I tag:
Chelsea ▲▽▲ 
Cristina E 

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