You were lying in bed on bed rest as you were pregnant and your feet had swollen incredibly. Ella was staying with her godfather (also known as Liam Payne who is also the father of Ella's best friend) for the month as the newest addition to your family was due any day. "How are you feeling?" Your husband Niall Horan asked as he came home from the studio and plonked himself on the bed next to you. "I'm so bored! I wish xavier would hurry up!" You complained as you rub your large belly. "Don't worry. Just take it easy" Niall says as he kisses your forehead and getting of the bed. "Where are you going?" You ask as he walks out. "To make dinner. I'm not completely useless" he laughs. "Never said you were" you reply laughing with him. 
Ten minutes later you shift your weight as you feel a wet patch on the bed. 'Ugh, did I really wet the bed?!' You think feeling slightly disgusted. You get up off the bed to inspect the damage. As you get up you feel a searing pain in your stomach. A split second later it clicks. "Niall!!! Get your backside here right now!!" You scream. "What is it princess? What's wrong?" Niall asks as he runs in. "Get the baby bag and get me and your son to the hospital NOW!" You yell as another contraction sears through you. "Ok maritza, just breathe its going to be ok." 
A good ten minutes later you were in the delivery room pushing as if your life depended on it. "One more push mrs horan" the doctor said as you pushed even harder. "Niall I can't." You said. "You can do it Maritza I know you can. " Niall said encouragingly. After another push your baby xavier James horan was bought into the world. 

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