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☆ Thursday :
We're all having a get-together at the VS Headquarters. Don't worry, there'll be champagne, finger foods, and hopefully some drama.

- - - - - - - - - -
"you mean you are serious?", says James, raising his eyebrow, his curls looking like they're about to vomit forever21 pants.

"yes!", i say, slapping his arm, "we're all like battling for it, some of the girls are nice but gosh, some are so competitive and vicious.", i say, putting on a grey rabbit fur sweater on my jeans.

"well, try and be friends with them, and if it doesn't work out, then just bring on your battle woman out", he suggests, curling the ends of my hair with a ghd iron.

"i will, gosh, but i would be damned if there are cliques involved, i hate those situations", i say, sipping on a smoothie, staring out the window.

"tell me about it, if anything goes over the top, you just, just call me, okay?", he says, toussling my hair.

"i will", i say getting up. finishing the rest of the miniscule blueberry smoothie.

"okay, let's go then", he says, tossing me my pink brahmin bag and we head downstairs. 

"pick up an apple or something", he yells from the garage as he starts up the car. i rummage around the kitchen, grabbing an apple and a bottle of fiji water. i teeter down off into the garage, 20 floors below, hello? you can't live new yorker style unless you're in an apartment. i see james, stroking the black porsche cayenne turbo, his 'baby' he likes to call it, the only difference between my car and his, is that his, is a turbo, instead of a regular porsche.

"ready?", he asks.

"of course", i say, opening the smooth black door and entering the car. the smell of black leather hits me instantly and i turn on the radio, to listen to womanizer by britney spears.

"you seem to adore this song don't you?", james says, starting up the car.

"yep", i say.

after a very talkative 20 minute car ride, we reach the offices.

"remember what I told you? call me if they're bothering you", he says.

"got it, love you", i say, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"love you too babe", he says, a grin appearing on his face with his dimples begin to pop out. i smile at the sight of it. i blow him a kiss and then i begin to walk into the marble floored building. i feel a little nervous, no, snap out of it. you're here now, and nobody can take that opportunity away from you, nobody can-

"hey nat"

i turn around and see athena. her hair tousled nicely down her shoulders. wearing probably some of the best heels i've ever seen.

"hey athena, how are you? you look great!", i say, giving her a hug.

"awh thanks, so do you. i'm good, i'm pumped for tomorrow", she says, smiling as we walk into the elevator, which charlotte is in.

"hey charlotte!", me and athena both say in unison.

"hey guys!", she says, smiling, "you two look great"

"so do you", i say, smiling as i poke button 30 and just before the doors close, they suddenly jerk open and maury enters.

"hello maury", i smile. she gives a quick smile back, and for the elevator journey, we're in complete total silence.


the elevator door opens and we all leave the elevator.

"i hope we're not late", says maury, we all strut into the room and i flash a smile. i felt like we were in one of those movies like mean girls, where the whole group struts and then someone falls over.

and thankfully nobody did fall over.

otherwise we wouldn't probably have even been able to sip some moet champagne.

we'd probably be sobbing at home wailing about getting fired.

i see naomi, em and ayla chatting and i decide to head over to them, picking up a flute of champagne as i flash a smile to them.

"hi guys", i say, smiling, i take a brief glance at each of them, they all looked gorgeous. 

"hey nat, we were just talking about a party we should throw", says naomi, smiling happily.

"i think it would be pretty good, well, we probably won't be allowed", says ayla, shrugging.

"i'm pretty sure it would suck", barges in zyna.

"oh who are we kidding, we should get wasted", suggests ayla.

"i think that would be a much better plan", says ava, joining in with the conversation too.

"hello? has anyone every bought up the fact that we could get fired?", says em, sipping the little drops left in her champagne glass as she looks concerned. 

"it's just a little bit of harmless fun", says naomi, with all of us nodding our head.

"well if we do it can we do it with nobody watching? i mean she has a fame whoring paps wherever she goes", says em, pointing at me.

"i didn't have any today so", i say shrugging, spooning out some mini trifle as i listen. we all look at em, waiting for her opinion.

"fine", she says, rolling her eyes slightly, but there was the smallest grin on the ends of her lip.

"hey are you girls enjoying yourself?", pipes in evie.

"oh yes, very much, i'd rather be doing the shoot", says zyna.

"oh don't worry, just a few days and we'll have the best time ever, you've all had experience before in modelling, it's no different, your just in skimpier clothing, rock it", she says, giving a wink before she heads off to monico mitro, the pr lady, who seems to have been eyeing every girl in the room with the sharpest looks, taking in probably who's the best, who's not. 

after a while, we're given a brief summary of what happens on the weekend and we're all left happy and toodle off in our own directions. me, maury, charlotte and athena all catch the same elevator again.

"i'm just so excited, this is it", gushes athena.
"it will seriously be probably one of the best things ever, i've been waiting for this since i worked with the brand", babbles charlotte
"this is going to be like a first graders math test, easy, i bet you", proclaims maury and we're left talking about the excitement.

i have good hopes for saturday.

but the girls seem to be whipping up competition.

this might have not been as easy as i thought

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Sorry if I didn't portray your character the way you wanted! There were alot of people so I had to squish in as much as I could without stuffing the story like a Christmas Turkey!
Hope it was good enough!
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