collab with the amazing @sarahstardom.
It's a long and you probably already know since you read sarah's but it is worth it.

aria cohen;;

"Aren't you going to the game?" Ally asked me as i finished reading the chapter i was on. "I am , I just had to get this out of the way. I have a big test on Monday so i want to get as much done before the weekend." I replied. I had hoped to actually have a little fun on the weekend.

 "Also Ally where are your school colours?" I said looking over her outfit "Oh i am not going." she replied.

 "What?" I said "It's Scott's first game." He wouldn't admit to me but i knew he wanted Ally there. I knew this for a fact because Liam got it out of him.

 "I am not much of a sporty person Aria." Ally chimed. 

"I know how to convince you" I grinned placing my book on the chair standing up and approaching Ally. "And it will make you want to go" I added, smiling over at Ally mischievously.

 "I'm not a sporty person"She reminded me once again, shaking her head and crossing her arms. Yeah yeah i had heard the first time but whether she liked sports was irrelevant.

 "I'm sure Scott will get all hot and sweaty"I said again still grinning waiting for Ally's reaction . "Wouldn't you like witness that?"I questioned innocently, tilting my head to the side. 

 "He's already hot though" She replied, her cheeks bright red. I wanted to clap because atleast she admitted she thought he was hot , personally i thought he looked like a puppy but to each there own.

 "Hotter" I nodded know smirking.

 "Hotter than hot, not possible" She said , her voice getting quieter towards the end of the sentence. 

"Oh it is , He would be reaching temperatures that you couldn't even imagine" I said before adding "Yet."

 "Aria stop being silly." Ally murmured her face looking even redder if possible. I grinned at her "I will stop this awkward conversation. If you come to the match with me." I said happily. 

"Ria , No." She said with a huff. "Oh come on it will be fun."

"Sports are never fun" She frowned, looking at me and attempting to pout and change my mind.

 "You know that never works I spoke, taking hold of her arm and pulling her upstairs. "We need to get you some colour to show your support" I grinned in victory. I am a good.

 "Is my presence not enough to show my support?" She whined, she was standing near my bed looking more than uncomfortable. I had to force her to sit down on the bed as i started going through my closet"Oh quit your whining, it'll be worth it" i spoke glancing over my shoulder and winking at her. Now to find the perfect outfit.

"Hey isn't that Liam's number." She said pointing to the back of my shirt. "Yes." I said looking over at my shoulder at Ally.

 "Aww look at you proud girlfriend." Ally teased. Since when did Ally tease? This was new, If this was Scott's influence that boy was going to be in trouble. 

 "Yes and try this on." I said tossing her a red shirt before finding my Brown school scarf. "And this!"

"I'm not a snowman or something" She peeped turning around and putting the shirt i had given her on "Will you pull out a carrot for my nose, next?" She giggled , since when did Ally make jokes?. She turned back around adjusting the shirt as she did.

 "Did you really need to turn around?"I said trying not to smile , Oh god Scott and her would be the most awkward couple ever.

 "I like my privacy" She shrugged.

 "It's not like I would look at your boobs or anything" I laughed, running a hand through my hair before swapping my flats with a pair of sneakers no need to ruin my flats "I have Liam's boobs to look at" I joked, She shook her head and smiled. 

 "And you can look at Scott's boobs" I continued, giggling slightly. Ally just smiled , so she was back to be unfunny , oh this was just getting to hard to keep up with.

 "Scott doesn't have boobs" She replied again shaking her head.

 "How would you know? Have you seen him without a shirt?" I raised an eyebrow which had caused Ally to blush once more. Oh to be young and newly in lust it seems to make you blush at everything.

"It's cute you know." I said with a smile. "Aria you need to let me know what you are talking about before you say it. Your hard to keep up with." Ally said. 

 "You and Scott and whatever it is your doing." I said. "And the shirt looks good. I am surprised it fits considering your all tall and stuff."

 "We aren't doing anything." Ally said quickly.

 "Oh your doing something and it's a good thing Scott isn't as much of a potato and your not as withdrawn. Its a win win."

"But we're not doing anything" She said interrupting me, crossing her arms over her chest and shaking her head. 

 "You might not being doing things like Liam and I but you're definitely doing something" I smirked, tugging on her arm once again. "We need to go, so we can get good seats for this game" I said, we began to leave the house and walk towards the park; the playing field wasn't far away which was good. 

 "I still don't think we are" She paused, "doing anything." I tried very hard not to roll my eyes and thankfully suceed.

 "Don't argue with me, missy" I grinned as we began to approach the large collection of people, including the boy's soccer team and two familar boys. The two boys were shoving each other playfully and getting each other pumped for the game. "Try not to enjoy the view too much" Iadded with smirk as we approached the boys.

 "Don't shove me too hard" Liam complained, frowning at Scott.Typical boys.
 "Hey, gorgeous" Liam said finally noticing us before greeting me with a peck on the lips, "You look great" he said to me "you too Ally, nice team spirit." he added.

She smiled softly and nodded, "Thanks" I peeped.

"Scott your meant to say how pretty Ally looks. My god how many times i have taught you how to talk to girls." Liam began complaining before i elbowed him in the ribs.

 "Leave them alone." I mouthed. It was fine for me to say stuff Ally but Liam didn't really know how to be subtle. 

 "So you guys aren't going let us down right." I said looking between Liam and Scott "Because if you knew the effort i put into getting Ally here. Let's just say you better win."

"There's no pressure at all" She added causing me to errupt into giggles , moving into Liam's chest to try and hide it. "You guys will do great" Ally spoke

 "Liam never lets me down" I said smirking Liam nodded with an impressed grin on his face. "Here that, Scott, I never let her down" Liam proudly spoke. I hit him in the arm for boasting. He shoot my an annoyed look "Always hitting me these days." he mumured. "Shush look." I said titling my head towards Ally and Scott.

 "Don't worry, I'm not sure about Liam, but I won't let you down, Ally" Scott smiled wide, causing Ally to blush. 

"Scott sold me out in attempts to get in your friend pants." Liam said in a harsh whisper. "He doesn't just want to get in her pants." I whispered back. 

I smirked over at Ally mimicking Scott , she shook her head before going back to the conversation , i use that term loosely , she was having with Scott.

 "Uh thanks i guess." She said smiling "So Aria and I should get seats and you should probably go do warm up's or something." She added. I winced that wasn't the smoothest sentence she ever had. 

 "Yeah we should head in." I said nodding "Make sure your fan club's know your are taken." I said grinning at Liam and Scott "I'm hot property" and "I'm not taken." were the comments that followed. I am sure you could tell who said what.

 "Not yet anyway." I murmured to Ally as we started to back away causing her to let out a frustrated sigh. "We will see you own the field." I said to the boys.

"Why must you drop all these hints that aren't subtle?" She questioned quietly, as we found close seats . Yay , i remember the first game i went to i was all the way up , i could barely see anything.

 "One of these days, you'll be thanking me"I smirked, shrugging. "Sooner or later" I added, nudging her once i saw Scott standing in one spot, searching in the crowd before allowing his eyes to settle on us. 

 He waved; I waved back (nothing happened) and nudged Ally,She waved back and he lit up like a christmas tree.

 "He's interested, you're interested, why make it so hard for yourself?"I asked, her eyes never leaving Liam. As much as Ally and Scott's situation was interesting i did need a moment to be a proud girlfriend.

 "My awkwardness comes naturally" She shrugged, "be jealous."Oh so she was back to making jokes. Maybe this was Scott's influence.

"Well i just know that you both light up when the other is near them." I said my eyes still not leaving Liam.

 "I don't light up." She huffed , "We are just friends... barely even that."

 "That's because neither of you seem able to for sentences around each other." I said turning to her "And you still like each other anyway which is actually sweet."

 "Aria.." I could hear the tone was meant to be a warning tone but it really didn't sound threatening.

"You're not scary, Ally" I grinned as Ally attempted to glare at me but that was as scary as a butterfly. She turned to the field where both teams were finally on. "Lets just watch the game" She spoke

"Since when did you care about sports?" i laughed, biting my bottom lip as Liam made his way to where he had to be, my eyes following him.

 "Just shhh" She shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Scott play's midfield by the way." Â I said smirking over at her. 

 "Oh shut up." Ally said shoving me a little. 

 "Just thought i'd let you know. No need to get violent." Honestly she had to know where she should be looking. The whiste finally blew signalling the begin of the match which caused the whole crowd to errupt in cheers.

"Okay so the boy who has the ball now is  named Len , He is the captain. I personally feel his a bit over rated but that's  just my opinion." I said giving Ally my running commentary. 

 "And the other stole the ball just then right?" Ally said playing with her shirt seemingly nervous. Probably for Scott , I was nervous for Liam. It was normal.

"Yes." I nodded "But i think Shaun has the ball and he passed to Scott." I said nudging Ally "This where we cheer okay."

 "Oh come on! That guy deserve a red card. he clearly did that on purpose." I yelled annoyed "This where we boo." I said looking over to Ally only to find her heading towards the stairs. What the hell?

I made my way throw the muttering excuse me and sorry's to everyone finally finding Ally standing near one of the exits. "Ally!" I said causing her turn to face me. She was ghostly white , maybe she was claustrophobic or couldn't stand the sight of blood.
"Are you alright, Ally? You look like you've seen a ghost" I spoke frowning slightly , I guess i should have considered that Scott might have been the reason. She nodded and didn't speak, . "Scott's alright, just a knock to the knee I said, wrapping my arms around her in a friendly hug.

 "He's hurt though" She quietly after i let her go . I smiled softly, shaking her head and pushing a strand of her hair behind my ear, "it wasn't serious, Ally." I let the information sink in , the first time I saw Liam get hurt on the field i had a mini panic attack so i got what was going on, "You need to stop with your worrying, you'll get yourself into a mess."

 "Do I look like a mess?" She questioned quickly.

"No a little sick but not a mess." I said with a smile "But honestly you don't need to worry i've seen Scott run into a wall and jump back up perfectly fine."

 "Why did he run into a wall?" Ally asked a small smile back on her face.

 "No idea , boys are idiots. Loveable idiots but idiots." I said nodding. 

 "So i guess you like Scott more then you would like to admit?" I said looking over at her.

She nodded, biting my bottom lip; "Yes, okay, I do. Is that what you've been waiting all along for me to say?" She asked. Honestly yes but they way she said it made it sound like a bad thing. I wanted my friends to be happy and they were happy together. "You want me to confess that I'm some love sick puppy" She added quietly. Puppy was quite symbolic considering Scott was involved , I wonder if Ally did that on purpose , 4 for you Ally , You go Ally.

I smiled at her "You don't need to admit it to me though" I replied, wrapping my arm around hershoulder and walking back to our seats. 

 "I can't tell him" She spoke, she said trying to keep calm. Why the hell not? "I might frighten him." 

Oh well that was dumb.

 "I doubt it, I've seen him when he wakes up in the morning" I giggled, "sca-ry." I looked down seeing our team score the winning goal. We weren't gone for that long surely? The team all ran down to end of field screaming hysterically. I couldn't help but smile the emotion was infectious.

 "what's wrong? Are they all injured and in pain?" Ally asked worriedly. Only Ally would ask that.

 "No, they've won, you goose" I paused, "lets go congratulate them."I said spotting Liam and Scott on the field. I grabbed Ally and ran towards the field. I let Ally go as soon as i saw Liam. 

"You won!" I said happily before kissing him.

"If that is what i get for winning what do i get for that?" he said pulling away and pointing in the opposite direction. I turned and spotted Ally and Scott kissing.

"Oh my god" I whispered excitedly "And you didn't do that.' I said with a grin wrapping my arms once again around Liam.

"I did , As much as you like to think your cupid , I am. I set the goal up which lead us to winning which lead to that." he said quite proud of himself.

"Ofcourse you did." I said kissing him once again.
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Wrote two years ago
You guys are such a good pair at writing collabs!!! Love

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love this sooo much!!

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love love love this! :3

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