// used to always think i was bullet proof
but you've got an ak and you're blowing through
explosive you don't even know it i want you to know it
i want you to know it know it know it

// with ur love - cher lloyd // ♫

i think that song is my new obsession.
i can't help it, it's catchhyyy! :c
 cher lloyd is addicting, 
my gurl crush. c;
sooo pm me???
toddlers n tiaras is on in the background.
those moms are just asdfghkl; IHATETHEMSOMUCH.

like i said,
pm mai. c;
luv ya, xoxoxo
p.s. comment or like the set if you wanna be on my tag list, comment what you want by your name if you want something. c;

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