Hey guys and gals! This tip is all about the dos and don'ts of babysitting! So here we go........

-Do wear something comfortable, you can't chase kids around in a mini skirt and high heels

-Do bring games and toys, this shows the parents you are well prepared and it gives you something to do!

-Do remember to feed them! Do not let the kids starve!

-Do talk to the kids, they like having a friend that's older that they can talk to.

-Don't play on you phone or laptop the whole time! You have to interact with the kids!

-Don't play favorites! So what if you hate one of the kids! Suck it up!

-Don't just let them watch tv all day, you have to actually play with them!

-Don't be afraid to call the parents if you have a question about something.

-Don't complain about how much you are getting paid!!! DUH!

Things yo can do:
-Play hide and go seek

-Ride bikes

-Play with a pet (If they have one of course) ;)

-Make a scavenger hunt around the house for them

-Bake something (if and only if you feel comfortable using a stove!)

-Watch a movie

And always remember to clean up before the parents get home! Also, don't be afraid to lay down the law if you have to!

Actually I am babysitting some kids on wednesday so........... wish me luck!

Luv you all!


<3 Macey
@kkk12 !
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