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Louis: i'm babysitting crazy mary tonight
You: ew
Louis: i'm scared. come with me?
You: okay
*louis picks you up and you arrive at mary's house*
Mary: hello
Louis: hi mary
Mary: i have plans for you two
Louis: omg
You: *why did i come here*
Mary: please go into my closet
You: why?
Mary: do it or i'll pee on you
*you & louis go into to a well lit closet when the lights shut off and children scream*
Mary: shut up
You: *whispering* we need to break out or we're going to die
Louis: *wiggles the door* it's locked
Louis: nothing mary
Mary: that's mrs. mary to you
*2 minutes later*
You: lets crawl through this hole
Louis: great idea
*you and louis slowly crawl through the corridor*
You: look
*there's a hole in the wall where you see mary talking on the phone*
Mary: yes they're locked in my closet right now
Mary's friend on the phone: omg
*You and Louis crawl fastly through hole*
Louis: go through that door
You: okay
*door leads to outside*
Louis: great i was supposed to babysit her
You: we didn't leave her, we're still here don't you know
Louis: yes
You: i got an idea
Louis: what
You: it's good
Louis: what
You: are you ready to hear it
Louis: what
You: let's scare her
Louis: yes
*jumps the fence into the backyard*
Louis: we need to cover ourselves in this wet mud
You: already on it
*mary walks into the kitchen*
Louis: look she's in the kitchen. we don't have much time
You: i'm done. let's go.
Louis: lets go back into her closet
*jumps over the fence & goes back into the closet through hole*
You: start screaming
You & Louis: ah
Mary: *runs into the room* WHAT ARE YOU IMBECILES DOING?
Louis: mary help!
You: ah mary
Mary: *opens the door* WHAT THE H3CK
Louis: we're here for dinner little young mary
You: hi mary
Mary: where's louis and the girl?
Louis: what are you talking about small mary?
Mary: *runs out the door and gets hit by a car*
You and Louis: *run over to mary while wiping the mud off your faces* gotcha
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