4 am- you're in bed when you hear harry's phone ringing, causing him to reach over you to grab it off the nightstand. it's loud, too loud, and it makes you cover your ears until he answers it. you check the time- 3:59- rolling your eyes and rolling over to watch harry talk. he unlocks his phone, sighing. "louise, how may i assist thee at this hour?" you grin despite the early time, grabbing his hair and curling it in your finger. "oh. yeah. bring her over in, say, 2 hours? that's fine. i hate you...... love you too. toodles." his sleepy eyes meet yours after he throws the phone across the room, and he kisses you on your nose.
"hey, babe," he says, lips meeting yours. it's a bit lazy and you're unaware that it's happening, but his lips envelope your top lip as they move together, his softness and warmth enveloping you. it's noting too erotic yet nothing too simple, and he pulls away, smiling. "gotta watch lux today. might wanna get up." "not now, babe. gotta dream about you first."
8 am- you're just putting cookies in the oven when you hear your door open, almost causing you to drop the tray. part of you wonders if you should go grab harry or grab a bat (to fight off intruders, of course), when you hear harry saying "hey, lux! looking pretty, ey?" and you stop worrying, laughing to yourself. you turn around just as he walks into the room with her in his arms. "busy day today, right, lux?" he asks, looking at you and winking. lux starts to tell you everything that her mum packed for her ("'punzel, moo cow, and blocks. blocks 'n blocks.") harry hands her to you and you spin her in the air, watching her shriek and laugh in your arms. 
12 am- "cookies. want cookies," she screams, banging her fists on the table. she's driven you crazy for the last few hours, causing you to burn 2 batches and barely saving the last. her cow is in shreds by now, and the only thing that managed to calm her down was to watched tangled. "'punzel!" "yes, sweetheart. that's rapunzel. look at her hair, it's so long, innit!" you told her, as harry started braiding her hair. rapunzel was your favorite disney movie, you decided, and you and lux giggled like idiots whenever flynn ryder was on the screen. but now the movie is over and lux wants cookies for lunch. 
"how about this," says harry, squatting down to lux's level, "you can have cookies if you don't tell your mum. how about that?" lux eagerly nods her head, and you smack him. "harry," you say in a condescending voice. "what, babe? it'll be fine," he stands up, kissing your forehead.
the cookies start up a riot in her, and the rest of the day is spent in long walks (trots, to lux) in the park and napping in your lap. after lux is picked up, you two land into bed, his long arms enveloping your body. there's nothing said, but it's okay, because there's nothing too be said when you're with him. you start to fall asleep in minutes, and after you're asleep harry mumbles something like "you're gonna be a great mum."

not my best tbh whatevs
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ty so much and welcome to the team I am so excited to have you!!!

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@radicalwizard done and done :)

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It would mean a lot if you joined my group the link is in my bio if not thank you for making such amazing sets!!!


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