Warriors is ending. That's sad. But does anyone remember the OLD Warriors?

- When being a Clan outsider was actually looked down upon?
- When the worst a cat could do was betray his Clan?
- When forbidden love was actually FORBIDDEN, and cats like Graystripe were hated and called traitors for it?
- When Graystripe was with Silverstream, not a kittypet (the cats he said he hated back in the first series)?
- When Bluestar was the most famous and respected cat, in the forest and in StarClan?
- When Dustpelt and Ferncloud had kits every other book?
- When cats actually aged the right way (like how Swallowtail was the age of roughly Squirrelflight and retired in The Sight)?
- When Firestar actually had POWER?
- When senior warriors were respected and the Clans weren't run by cats that just sat their vigil not long ago?
- When Crowpaw and Feathertail was the newest thing?
- When Stormfur was actually a Clan cat?
- When Graystripe was deputy?
- When BramblexSquirrelxAsh was the greatest love triangle ever?
- When cats actually listened to the warrior code?
- When ShadowClan was actually the dark and menacing Clan?
- When Yellowfang wasn't made out to be such a barbarian?
- When dead cats actually stayed dead?
- When StarClan had power to affect the Clans?
- When apprentices were called apprentices, not " 'paws"?
- When a real threat was considered to be savage, police-trained dogs, not beavers defending their homes?
- When the only crippled cat was Cinderpelt?
- When not believing in StarClan was abnormal?
- When cats didn't have superpowers?
- When Ashfur was a normal, heartbroken cat and not a crazy psycho?
- When Leafpool was a medicine cat, not a warrior?
- When ThunderClan didn't accept every outsider they caught scent of?
- When prophecies weren't so predictable?
- When Brambleclaw was a warrior and not a deputy?
- When Hollyleaf was considered part of the Three?
- When Dark Forest cats couldn't interfere in the real world?
- When dead cats couldn't die again?
- When Firestar was more than a spineless leader that was killed by a tree?

What happened to the Warriors I loved.
I miss it.
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
OMG I love this series.
warriors forever <3

Wrote 4 years ago
I personally loved the first series the best, it was just perfect and all. I couldn't agree more with this :3

Wrote 4 years ago
I remember reading the very first book of the series...
I wish it was that simple again!!
When they all used to live in the old place with the moonROCK

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