Alight, school started today which is both good and bad. I love wearing cute outfits and seeing friends, plus we get to go out ofr lunch which is totally cool. Of course the downside is classes and homework. So I typically spend a lot of time planning my outfit and this is sort of what I wore today. My real outfit today: fuschia corduroy skirt, black leather belt with gold buckle, black v-neck tee (tucked in) a gold leaf brooch (family heirloom to give me good luck) black flats with grey tips and the pictured bag. While I wish I coud start piling on sweaters, it was in the upper eighties today so no luck there. Many of you haven't started school yet, so here's my thing about first day of school outfits:
*nu-thing that needs to be ironed or smoothed out constantly. You're gonig to be giving out big ol' hugs all day so a stiff or silk shirt is a no-no
*a big bag, who knows what you'll be getting today? Textbooks, photos, gifts? Be prepared
*A light sweater (if you can fit it in your bag) for some reason teachers think it's cool to blast the a/c so don't forget to bring a little soemthing to put on (I didn't do this and wish I had)
*Comfortable shoes are a must. Sure, the latest spike heels may be cute but with congestion worse than the beltway at six o' clock PM and clumps of ohmigod you look fabulous-es you might need to make a few dashes and stilettos do nawt work. 
*Colorful pens, nothing is more dreary than writing in black ink all day. And let's face it, with all the boring teachers preaching "blue of black ink" today may be the only day you can get away with it.
*A tide correcting pen becuase if you have a tendency to spill things or get mysterious pen marks everywhere you don't want to walk down the hallways with a big red splotch on your white shirt. 
*A smile, c'mon we know it's the first day of school, but let's see those pearly whites!

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