I'm in the mood for making Sets today...
And I wanted to talk with you about some things so, please, keep reading the description until the end.

Okay: Taylor's "Back To December" new video is this Set's theme. 

Have you already seen it? 
Did you like it?
What did you thought about it? 

I liked it, I love the song (I think it's beautiful and I can understand that she regrets breaking up with Taylor Lautner - who wouldn't regret that? - and we can feel that she really is feeling it). 

She, the snow and basically all the environment in the video was really pretty and the guy was also cute! ;)

But I still have to say it was kinda boring (just because it is the same thing happening in the whole video).

Anyway... there's a few more things I'd like to talk about with you guys....

First, it's about all this controversy on the templates!

I'd like to clarify something: as you may notice, I don't use templates. 
I don't have anything against who does it but I really just like to make my Sets from scratch, you know?

So, you won't be seeing me using templates anytime soon but I don't blame the people who use them and I kinda like that polyvore is trying to inovate and change things a little bit with new ways of making Sets :)

Last subject I wanted to talk about: Zodiac Changes! You probably already know what I'm talking about! Yes! According to the astrologers now, I'm no longer a Capricorn, I am now Sagittarius: WTF!? Are you kidding me? 

Okay, I really want to know your thoughts on this, so leave me a comment saying you're opinion, okay?

(If you were brave and patient enought to read all this, please write "move back" in a comment!)

That's all for now, I guess.
Love you all!
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