i LOVE this song!!!!!
and the weird thing is, it TOTALLY relates to me lol. I said goodbye to an amazing guy last december who was everything you could ask of a guy...you know, tells you that you're beautiful, tells you he loves you, calls you baby♥, perfectly tan arms, adorable smile, and just stuff like that..but the reason it wasn't PERFECT was that he could barely speak english, and my spanish isnt exactly top notch lol. AND he was in a WICKED COMPLICATED situation and living with his *cough cough* girlfriend...YEAH. But he didnt have a choice! It was there or back to mexico so....yeah....lol.... and he was 21.... so you can see, that it was just wayyyyyyy too complicated, even if he was a great guy </3......Um so yeah haha, that's my little story for today XD...but anywayy, i love this song! haha :D

i didnt really do much editing to this..just added some smoki-ness at the bottom and adjusted the lighting and stuff lol. Plus my name and a heart lol XD

So whatcha think?

100% beachchickxoxo's! ~ PLEASE DON'T USE!

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