Back to school!

Next year, I want to have a completely different wardrobe. And lots of many sweaters. Plus, this year, my mom is letting me wear heels! I want to wear a lot of dresses this year too. I use to look very young (like 10 lol)when wearing dresses, but with heels, I will look more mature.
I will hopefully earning lots of money this summer (my soon to be cooking blog, that my web wiz aunt is helping me format and put into google ads and results) and my carwashing business. I will be saving every penny, because I always feel like I never have enough. And then my parents will be giving me 300$ like they usually do (or a little more ;) since we are in the process of selling our second house, so a little more money room, as we are already living well below our means, as my father said) .................
Okay sorry I'm rambling now. I'll stop.
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