Okay, I will start school in September and I have not the slightest idea of what I will wear. Not that I really care about the outside, but I want to make a good first impression because I will be the new girl and, above all, one of the very FEW girls over there. Well, that may sound awkward, but it's true: the school I'm going to is mainly attended by boys because of the subjects we'll learn. You know, just a lot of Maths, Physics and Electronics - but also Mechanics, Informatics and Telecommunications depending on which "field" you choose -. Yeah, school's really different here in Italy..
Well, what I just wrote is quite boring, so SORRY!
BTW, I hope you like it! ♥
And.. Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with The Lord of the Rings.. Aww, I LOVE Tolkien!

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