Back to School/ Autumn 2012 Lookbook

Okay, I'll admit that I didnt' adhere to this for the first week or two of school (not that I'm even in my second week, but I know I won't have time to look), but that's why for my third week til November, I'm putting looks that will help me last through any style ruts that will come by.
  • Girls Outfit
    "All of these are so easy and nice to wear." — @lalagirl
  • back to school
    "A simple edgy look created with the use of a circle scarf, a dark cardigan, a white blouse, ripped jeans, and a nice pair of worn in boots." — @lalagirl
  • Untitled #888
    "Burgundy jeans and a chunky knit with black flats and a pastel crossbody quilt." — @lalagirl
  • Back To School Outfit For Roisin!(:
    "Easy outfits. The first one is a bit too preppy, but these are mostly sooo my style." — @lalagirl
  • Fall Hard for Keds
    "This is just so wearable and I'd switch the keds out for my perfect pair of grey vans." — @lalagirl
  • Dreams do come true...
    "I don't have the same bag, but whatever, my pink and white canvas bag is still perfect for the occasion. And I just need to get a jacket as nice as that for something equally as amazing." — @lalagirl
  • Autumn 2012
    "Love the litas, but theyre too tall for me. And i got a sheer mint top and a bag. That's why a military green coat and some leather pants will be on my wishlist for a long while." — @lalagirl
  • School
    "Easy, breezy, beautiful. Layer a printed top over bright jeans for a look that tursn heads." — @lalagirl
  • Mall with your friends
    "This pastel brings back memories of summer not long past." — @lalagirl
  • Back To School
    "Simple casual. Mustaches and Nerd Glasses are overrated and out, but the ombre shirt is to die for. And I like the color pink." — @lalagirl
  • Back to School Basics
    "This is fall ready with dark colors and the perfect burst of pink and red." — @lalagirl
    "A suede jacket over a summer dress brings new life to this warm weather wear." — @lalagirl
  • {231} dressing up
    "I have a ruffle shirt and a pair of black jeans. Now all i need is a super cool leather jacket in brown." — @lalagirl
  • School Vibe // You're mine ;)
    "Lilac, the color of the pretty. I want one of these too and it would pair so perfectly with a white top layered over a blue tank. And those giant wooden clip on earrings would look darling." — @lalagirl
  • Başlıksız #210
    "A pretty skirt, a black tank, a military green jacket, and shearling boots are fit for fall." — @lalagirl
  • Back to school !
    "This top is so me. It's simple and cute and the contrast makes it look better than it would plain. Pop on a cardigan and I have a deal." — @lalagirl
  • First light.
    "This ensemble is pretty and perfect for a party." — @lalagirl
  • Living Like Jim Morrison
    "Peacoats are a wonderful thing. They keep me nice and toasty in the fall, let's hope for a warmer day so I can wear a dress though." — @lalagirl
  • Seoul Romance
    "These boots are cute, but mine are even cuter. And I have an outfit that's fit for the cold." — @lalagirl
  • Emma Stone
    "Go glam and be easygoing with this." — @lalagirl
  • Happy Birthday!!!
    "A flowy top goes with a floral scarf and burgundy jeans. A green cardi tops it off and keeps it from being too girly." — @lalagirl
  • Back to School outif
    No item description
  • pretty
    "I love love love lace dresses. They make everything seem so sweet and lovely. Though i have yet to get one, it may be the one thing I will ever wear with my denim jacket." — @lalagirl
  • back to school
    "A printed tank, a chunky belt, a perfect pair of jeans, and some work boots look amazing ." — @lalagirl
  • Back to work1
    "This is so classic and simple. Pair some straight leg trousers and a white blouse, with a much more casual scarf, a crossbody bag and some ankle booties and you have the classiest outfit in school." — @lalagirl
  • back to school hairstyles
    "Hairstyles are a major part of any collection, especially to a back to school edition." — @lalagirl
  • Back to School: Spencer
    "A multicolored outfit is great for when the fall starts up. The burgundy top paired with the peach jeans look amazing." — @lalagirl
  • First Day of School Look
    "This colorblock shirt easily blends into an outfit with riding boots and loose skinnies." — @lalagirl
  • i may never sleep again
    "I'll be skipping the heels here, don't need a reason to fall down again." — @lalagirl
  • Back To School
    "Floral skinnies and a white blouse make edgy boots a bit sweeter." — @lalagirl
  • #658
    "I love the ombre effect of the shirt mostly. It's such a simple outfit, but it works well." — @lalagirl
  • Fall School Fashion
    "Stripes never fail to take the stage. A cool pair of flats and a satchel with casual makeup make for a perfect school outfit." — @lalagirl
  • School
    "A denim jacket makes a boring tank, jeans, and sneaker combo interesting." — @lalagirl
  • Fall Hard for Keds
    "This easy outfit looks preppy and cute." — @lalagirl
  • Pool Hall
    "This edgy look balances out the girly and the edge in you." — @lalagirl
  • Back to School
    "This outfit is casual with simple stripes, destroyed jeans, a watch, and a fedora exudes chic." — @lalagirl
  • FRHS - Blue and Gold
    "The blue and yellow contrast so beautifully in this set." — @lalagirl
  • Indiana Girl
    "Reminiscent of Indiana Jones, pair some preppy khakis" — @lalagirl
  • First Day of School(:
    "Perfect for an indian summer. Bring some summer floral into the fall." — @lalagirl
  • Psf, Round 1!
    "Outlive the expectations of others with this dramatically different outfit." — @lalagirl

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it really means a lot :D


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