Well, school is just around the corner so i figured that i would give you some cute ideas for school:)
1. Two fishtails pulled back♥
Ok this one is really easy and comfy to wear all day. So start by taking one chunk of hair from either side of your head. Make sure they are kinda even or else your braids will look weird when your done;) Then you just fishtail the piece long enough that it will be able to reach the back of your head. When your done with one piece tie it off so when your done with the other one you can eaisly put them together. If you don't know how to fishtail just comment below and I'll make a set later on it:)
2. Waterfall twist♥
 Ok this is a waterfall twist which is a little easier than a waterfall braid. Start with to sections of hair ( i ushally use my bangs) and twist them (rope braid) over each other once or twice. Then with your left hand take a chunk of hair with your fingers and pull it over the top original strand. Then twist the two original pieces. It should look like the hair is falling through the two pieces. You can do this for as long as you want, like in the picture they did it all the way around her head.
3. Braided bangs with a ponytail♥
So start by pulling back all the hair exept for the section in the front that you want to braid. Then just french braid your hair and then just pull it back in a ponytail. If you don't know how to french braid,just lemme know and I'll make a set on that:)
4. French braid with bun♥
Start by flipping all your hair over like you are going to put your hair in a high ponytail. Then just french braid your hair up to the top of your head and put the rest of your hair in a bun. You can add a bow or something like in the picture if you want:)
5.Duch braid with bun♥
This is almost the same concept as the french braid with the pony tail, but this one goes almost all the way around your head. This one is really simple and easy and is good for those lazy days;) If you don't know how to duch braid just lemme know and i'll make a set on it:)
6. Crown braid♥
This one is probably the hardest one on here, but it's really cute!! Start by tipping your head to the side and take a chunk of hair from just above the ear. Duch braid that piece all the way around your head until you down to the nape of your neck on the other side just below your ear. Braid it down regular and tie it off with a ponytail holder. Then lift that piece up and wrap it on your head. I like to tuck the elastic holder under my braid so you don't see it as much. Then you just secure it tightly with some bobby pins.
Some of these are pretty tricky so i would recommed checking out some youtube videos on them..they really help!!
Thanks for checking out my first tip as a tips-222 girl!!
If you have any questions just comment below!!
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