Hello Love ,
 Harleen here , this tip was requested by @marlenexoxo !! Well i thought that doing this layout would be better and easier then outing the outfits out for you :) because then you wont go shopping for some exactly like the outfits and it would give you a little more of an idea of things you could wear ! ( if you want the other i can to that too , Just P.M me ) i'm going to high school next year and i have that same problem! I'm nervous as heck so i'm trying to turn my nervousness into fashion planning! So I probably can help you.

Okay. Here we goo 

♡Jacket- You need as least one cute jacket that you feel amazing in.

♡Undershirts/Cami's (5) Cami's should be worn undershirts EVERYDAY. Get neural colors such as black, brown, tan, and white.

♡Knit Shirt's (3) You want at least 3 knits shirt's. I guess these are shirts that are basically cute and make you feel great!

♡Tees (5) Fun tees! These could be brand name Hollister tees or cute shirts that have a quote you like on it.

♡Jeans- (3) You will need one black pair to dress up your wardrobe. It could be worn causally or dressy. and two pairs of cute blue jeans!

♡Shoes (2) Get two pairs of shoes that you absolutely love. Get one's that are comfortable and ones that go with every outfit.

♡Purse's/Tote's Handbags/Backpack's(1) You need at least one bag.Make sure you love it and it's not an out there color.

♡Necklaces- (2) Two necklaces should be just fine if you want to dress up your wardrobe.

♡Bracelets- (2) Two bracelets.

♡Earings- (1) One nice pair of earrings is really all you need.

♡Under Garments- You will need 2 nice bras and 10 pairs of nice underwear.

♡Socks-(12) If you take good care of your socks, it could be less.

Well there are certain things you need in your closet at all time, which are: 
A long black cardigan 
A plain white vneck 
A plain casual dress 
Good fitting jeans 
and for shoes you should have flats, sandals, boots, and a pair of heels either in black, brown, or white.

Those are the most versatile clothes, so having them can work with any outfit almost. So accessorize!

I like to dress like not in t shirts or stuff like that. Though something I would suggest is a colorful tank or vneck shirt with a cardigan over that with some dark skinnies and either sandals, boots, heels - that's your choice. Then add a long silver necklace. You could also get the shirts with belts around the waist, which is very very cute and it flatters curves, even small ones :) You don't have to just stick with that. Go to the dressy clothes of a store and get those cause they look so stylish. Then there are cute dresses that are tight in the waist and come in a different variety of colors and patterns. The dresses that have a band around the waist and it looks like a skirt and shirt. I also like to use contrasting colors which is like wearing blue with orange, purple with yellow, and red with green. Though only wear the red and green around Christmas time! So like a yellow blouse with a purple necklace and purple bangles. Red and blue look good together. Also, red is the most noticeable color, so if you want to stand out, wear red! Color splashed clothes are gorgeous. 

These are some must have's but remember you don't have to buy everything new. If you already have 2 nice undershirt's that you love there is no need to go out and buy some more.

I have the netrougena wave and i usually just you the morning burst cleanser in the morning.

Tips for high school: I haven't been there yet but the best advice i got was to just be yourself and everything else will follow. Good Luck Next Year!

I also seen this website it helped a lot! 

Love , Harleen ( @harleenxoxo )
~ S.T.A.Y. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ☯✌☮

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