◈Mason Taylor
from: London, England
likes; tea, fashion, and cocktail parties
dislikes; the elites, wine, and the winter
bio: Mason is not the first British girl to come to the city, but she is the newest. Everyone is wondering who she is, and all of the guys want to know. She came here to start her fashion career, but obviously it hasn't taken off yet. Will mason be accepted, or will everyone turn her down?
look alike: Candice Swanepoel 
group: the new girls
status: interested in Gabe Kingsley
Living arrangement: Hudson 

11/7: First full day in Greece and what better to do than hit the warm sunny beach?

“Where do we go now?” Xia asked as we walk out of the little resort and approached the rented convertible. “The beach? It’s a nice day.”

“Do they have a cocktail bar there?” I smiled devilishly and opened the passenger door. 

“Well, of course they do.” Xia smiled back and started the car.

Just a few seconds later we arrived at a crowded beach with a cute little house painted in white placed by the sidewalk, the bar I assume. You couldn’t hear the waves crashing to the coast, but there were a lot of familiar faces. Xia and I took a sit at one of the bar chairs and ordered drinks.

“So…” I smiled as I put my elbows on the counter. 

“What’s wrong with you?” My friend retorted.

“Nothing.” I said and thanked the bartender as he placed my drink in front of me. “Everything is perfectly fine.” I went on and nodded.

“Sure?” Xia questioned my statement. “Doesn’t a little dark haired angel bother you?”

I took a sip from my drink, “Stop it!”

“Now I’m going to get the I-don’t-like-him-one-bit speech again, aren’t I?”

“You asked for it.” I threw a quick glare her way and prepared to do my speech. “He’s a player. I don’t like players. He’s just going to hurt me and leave me broken-hearted which is at the bottom of my wish list right now. I want to establish a career for myself before even starting to like someone.” I sighed.

“And he’s just not reliable enough to even like, I know.” Xia finished my speech.

“Yes that’s true.” I put my unfinished drink back on the counter and jumped off the chair. “Let’s go swimming now!”

“Whatever you say…”
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