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my poly-friends;
1- plzz feel free to use any item in this collection, BUT..
2- plzz note i spent a lot of time to pick items & arrange & re-arrange them, so if u r going to like more than 25% of any collection, it's only fair & decent to press "like" on the collection itself...
3- & plzz dont copy most items & re-publish as yr own!
p.s. liking a collection will make this collection appear in "likes" under collections beside yr published collections, when u r creating a set, so there's no point in liking all items when u can just like the collection!
4- enjoy! :)


Wrote one year ago
@dawn-lindenberg thxxx for caring to comment on most of my collections, much appreciated!
& u're most welcomed dear :)

Wrote one year ago
wonderfulll collection ...I don't know how to layer fantasy yet thx for sharing

Wrote two years ago
@mary-gereis thxxx very much sweetie!! u r very perceptive & understanding! i feel quite the same too towards other members' work! much respect & luv! xoxoxo

Wrote two years ago
This is an amazing and beautiful collection! I can see how much time and effort you have spent into arringing things around, it's a pity some people take most of your items to create their own collection, I understand how bad it makes one feel. Unfortunately little can be done in this matter. I like to enjoy the work of other people and NOT to copy it and present it as my own ! I rarely take more than 1 or 2 items from a person, and this happens only if I really need them to complete some idea I have, not to make my own collection. Usually I prefer to find new items that no-one else has used before or - at least- I haven't seen them before in someone's sets or collections.

Wrote two years ago
@lovetodrinktea ohh thank you soo much sweetie!! really appreciate yr supportive encouraging words & understanding! & am soo glad u like my collections! xoxoxo

Wrote two years ago
This is a fantastic collection! Thank you for sharing!
It is good that you express your feelings and are kind enough to let others know so they will be aware going forward. One way or the other, I truly appreciate your collections and insights into this world of Polyvore! Thank you! xoxo

Wrote two years ago
Hello again @topo-gigio,
yes i know what u mean, i guess i'm like u too, & i wouldnt be able to explain all this if i havent gone through all this before.
it's better to work on polyvore from a laptop, the ipad doesnt allow u to like a comment, or drag items in a collection or set to arrange them as u please..
dont be afraid to experiment on polyvore, u could always "undo" anything u do by mistake..
finally i'd like to suggest that u join some groups on polyvore, they do some very interesting & challenging contests for their members, each would last a minimum of 3 days which is more than enough to search & arrange a great set! u'll start to really enjoy being here more, as u wont have to think of what yr new set will be, they'll explain the theme they want, & u'll have a vision of what yr set would be like, btw i think u will amaze yrself with yr talent, enjoy!

Wrote two years ago
Hello, @Googie-googie, Nagwa,
All right, I have understood to click on red heart to 'unlike' an item, but i haven't begun to remove promotions and sets that just show up. I don't want to keep ones that have lots of writing behind them, because I can't read what they say and they have so little color.
I will go experiment with different settings on the laptop. I don't have an ipad to use.
I do get taken to my own site if I click on follow, when I previously followed the person, but didn't know it, because it didn't show me I had followed before. i will try again.
No. you don't bore me to tears. When I ask a question, I visualize the problem I'm having. I see the answers in my mind after I DO the process given to me, enough to 'get it'. I must see and do the answer before I have 'learned' a procedure. I don't learn from just hearing or reading something. I learn from a physical channel of doing, then checking back, then being affirmed by obtaining the correct result.
This process keeps me from feeling boredom. I tend to feel bored when a lecture or teaching has "no meat" in it. If a teacher or lecturer or presenter gives data with substance in it, I don't get bored. Otherwise, even a preacher bores me. Some people have no substance.
I will go now, and carry out what you said and see what I can do.
Thank you, Nagwa.

Wrote two years ago
Dear @Topo-gigio,
i tried to explain as best i could for u to find everything easier, i hope i didnt bore u to tears :)
as for yr question, well that depends on which view u r currently on, are u using a laptop? an ipdad? or a regular pc? if it's an ipad, check if u r taken to "everything" below yr profile, so u r viewing actually what other members have just posted a few minutes ago, with collections, their likes, sets, everything!
if u have clicked on a set of yrs, then true, u'll find lots of items that are promoted to u, coz they r similar in style to the things used in yr sets, as well as some of yr sets that are similar to the one u just opened.
now i guess best thing to do, is for u to edit yr profile, and adjust yr current view to either "my sets" or "my collections" or even "my items", this way anyone checking yr profile, will see what u want them to see, & every time u click yr profile, u'll see yr stuff alone.
p.s. when u press "follow" on another member's profile, a few seconds and a quick note appears in yellow telling u "now u r following ---" that member's name, u shouldnt be redirected to yr own profile page then!
one thing more, u can not delete an item on yr profile, all u can do is "unlike" this item & it disappears from yr likes, so if u find the unwanted pic with a red heart, click on the heart again & it will be then "unliked"..
this is as far as i could imagine is happening, and again i wish u tell me if this worked or not! i hope it did!

Wrote two years ago
Dear Nagwa @googie-googie,
You are a natural teacher.
Yes, I have other questions.
When I click on follow for a person who just followed me, and the computer puts me on my own page where my sections are supposed to be, I find all sorts of items and sets that the computer has identified as what I like.
Yet, I may have never seen them before, or they are a\promotions, or advertising, or they are too pale for me to ever 'like'.
I don't know where they came from or how they got on 'my' page or section of my choices. I don't 'like' them at all.
Do you know how they got there? and how do I delete them?
I clicked on them the other day and pushed delete and backspace, but they are still there.
Some things I still do not understand.
Topo Gigio

Wrote two years ago
Dear @topo-gigio,
thxx a lot for yr understanding! i know how it is being new & still getting the ropes of things, & i hope to be a little of help:
1- when u press "create a set" u r taken to a page where on yr right there are lots of things to pick from.
2- u can find v. interesting things either in "tops", "coats", ..etc. r u can check "backgrounds" or "ppl u may know" down on the same page downwards. u can find pics, words, quotes, stars, effects, ..etc.
3- u can click on each item u like & from the down options appearing beside the item pic u clicked, u can click "like this item". This moves this item into "my items" in the same page.
so if u wanna know how many items u picked, clicking on "my items" will show u exactly how many, & u go through the pages of yr items by either rolling the ball on yr mouse, or clicking on pages numbers.
4- another way of finding things, when u click 2 times on an item, it goes to the page u r creating the set in, & when u click again on the same item, a description of this item appears in blue up in the same page, if u click this blue description, it takes u into another window, where u find all sets where this item is used, as well as different items similar in style or color (which u can like, o u get still more items to like similar to yr preferred tastes), plus many collections where this item is used.
** personally after i post a collection, i go through each item & "unlike" it, so this decreases the no. of items in "my items" making it a little easier for me to locate remaining things easier, or allows me liking more other item..
5- and, as i mentioned here in my collections, when u like a collection, then click on collections when u r creating a set, default is yr own published collections, but there is an option called "likes" where u will find all collections u liked, clicking on it will open all items in this collection for u to use in yr own set.

**btw, u can edit any collection or set u already did before to add or remove items or add special effects...etc.
** i hope this will help u a little, & plzz dont hesitate to ask if u need any explanation, am always glad to help, best of luck, kisses,

Wrote two years ago
Good Cheers, Nagwa,
Oh, I understand better, now. Since I am rather new here, I didn't know how ppl organize their collections in that section of our own Poly-sites. I just found out the other day how to drag and place an item into a collection. You spend time and effort locating items of given colors or categories. Then you put them in order for display. I only learned the low end of how to make a collage. You can see.
I don't use a template, because that is copying.
Of course you don't want others to come in and rip off entire batches of the beauty you have chosen, to then put in their own designs. This makes sense. I don't copy ppl's sets, but I do 'like' the cool stuff.
I actually don't fully understand where every one is finding the new items to collect, like, save. The elements I have used, I found here and there, but I don't fully know where most ppl are locating their items. I see the stuff others have put up on their sites, under their profiles, mostly.
When I type in 'horses', for example, I end up with clothes, and odd items that aren't even related.
I still feel so new at this. I don't even use the items I find under other's profiles in sets. those are mostly things I just keep or save.
Thank you for your well wishes and taking the time to give me an explanation of what you are experiencing, Nagwa. You shared with me your perspective.
Topo Gigio

Wrote two years ago
@topo-gigio thxx for yr explanation, am really sorry for all u've been through, i know life is not easy & maybe even not fair all the time.
i understand what u mean, but:
1- when u've spent hours of yr spare time going through lots of things u dont particularly like to pick items that most appeal to u & which u r going to use in yr sets later
2- & when u have to clear yr items when it starts getting really a pain to go through all yr liked items to locate something u have previously liked to use in a set u r working on
3- & when it's time to arrange these items in a collection, mainly for yrself to use, however, u dont mind other members to use too,
all these items are public for anybody to choose from, out of hundreds & thousands of items all over polyvore! anybody is more than welcomed to spend days, nights, hours, picking items for his/her feelings of beauty & happiness..
i feel happy too when i post a collection i have spent hours & days to arrange to match in theme & color, & i dont mind ppl using my items, BUT..
it is absolutely UNFAIR after all this efforts, to find another member going through yr items, selecting whatever she/he likes, as if it's his/her right to do so!
sorry i have to disagree! if u have tried doing collections, 100 items each, & u've experienced how ppl rip yr items off & run to make sets & similar collections, u will change yr mind!
thxx for yr wishes, i wish u the same too, and wish u all the happiness there is, without affecting others' happiness too, friendly,

Wrote two years ago
Greetings, Googie Googie,
I am rather new here, and am still learning the rules and customs of how to participate at Polyvore. I am still searching out the nature and culture of Polyvore.
I stumbled across it in my search for pictures and music, which I save and make collages at home, here. Now I am collecting things online, instead of just for the walls of my unit or to put in boxes or folders.
Many of the other members at Polyvore focus on fashion--dresses, shoes, mostly clothes.Whereas I prefer objects of creativity, backgrounds, animals, flowers, paintings, drawings, scenery, artwork, bright colors, highly contrasting items or interesting combinations of elements.
In my selection of items, I prefer to isolate what I really love or like, A LOT, rather that 'like' a whole set that contains things I do not care for. [If I ever do choose a clothes item, it is ONLY because the color or design is REALLY outstanding to me.]
So, when I am selecting beauty, I have no intention of being rude or critical, I am not overtly telling people how superficial they are being, or how shallow the person is, to make sets that predominately focus on pretty models, skinny figures, fancy clothes, or expensive jewelry. I am NOT sneaking around, or hiding, or stealing from them. I am NOT wanting to under mind their labor or their investment in finding, collecting, or acquiring their elements. NO!
Instead I simply am CHOOSING the truth and beauty in life-- to me, from my own personal perception.
I have suffered a lot in life- brain tumor, a defect in my body I was born with, and other hardships. Life is not easy, anywhere, for any one.
I search for the beauty in life to counteract the ugliness. When I choose not to 'like' a whole collection or set, I am not attempting to offend, hurt or insult or anger any one, I am merely hunting for something lovely that thrills my heart, that pleases me, on the inside.
I have found many friendly people here, who are kind, gentle, generous, helpful, complementary, creative, loving, patient, forgiving, willing to teach, or instruct, or guide others. Some have even started to refer to me as 'friend'.
Googie, Googie, I wish you well: excellent health, prosperity, good success in your family, job, education, endeavors, loving and harmonious relationships, fun adventures, safety, protection for you, your family and your loved ones. I wish you creativity, enjoyment and well-being in all you do and all your life.
Please forgive me for the pain and discomfort I have caused you. I sincerely apologize.
Topo Gigio


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