It wasnt that great.
I mean it started out OKAY.
I actually had a decent breakfast. And I HAD ICED TEA: LEMON FLAVOR to drink. [didnt have time to drink it at home so i drank it on the bus. even better♥] and things were slow. I have a quiz & test tomorrow. I HAVE A GEOMETRY PROJECT DUE TOMORROW AND MY PARTNERS WERE SUPPOSED TO EMAIL ME CRAP. -.- ruined my day a bit.
then I alwayss help people in multimedia *including him now* and I didnt get snappy. Well just once at the beginning. but i cooled.
Then I guess before the bell rang that me and him[Ryan, case you wanted to know] were sorta(?) flirting. We have Mac desktops and he unhooked the keyboard & mouse. I was like :O 'put it back!'
and he was like: 'nope. you're going to get in trouble because you were last one there. haha.'
elle:come on hand it over. Or plug it back in if you want.
ry: *about to plug it back in*
elle: just plug it in. you'll be my best frienddd(:
ry: *drops cord & laughs*
elle: oh you're nice. *takes plug and plugs it in after a short fight with Ry twisting the computer so i couldnt plug it in*
so yeah...somewhat good ending? I dunno. 
but cheered me up a bit(:
i have hw to tend to. ttyl
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