"Aveline. Darling! Come here, the repeats are about to start," shrieked a high voice, that could only belong to my escort. God it was annoying. For a moment I felt bad for every tribute who had to spend time with a capitol citizen. They'd drive you crazy. Magnolia, yes Magnolia, my escort had been trying to boss me around all day. It hadn't worked of course and I could do why she was talking was stare at that ridiculously huge hat. It was damn distracting. 
"Hey Aveline, I know you probably don't want to be here, but can you come out so we can be saved from having to hear Magnolia complain for the rest of the night," said Sky, my mentor. I smirked. Even though Sky didn't know me well, (to be fair no one did) she had grown up with me. We were the same age. And she was smarter than she looked. Sighing I get up and make my through the overly decorated tribute train to where the rest of the group is. Magnolia was sitting delicately on a leather chair, Sky was lounging of an ugly yellow couch, a martini in her hand, and my district partner, Barron was leaning against the wall. I guess he was trying to look tough. As if. He cried when he got reaped. Such a big baby.

Sky pats the on the empty seat next to her and I sit down. Intently we watch the reaping while Sky tries to give us helpful pointers, which are really just stating the obvious. Though Barron seems to listen.
District 1- An arrogant and hilariously glittery career volunteers. "Shocking".She has some stupid name, like glitter or sparkles, no it was Alabaster. Ugh. Pea brain parents. Who names their kid that? To her credit, she did look tough.
District 2- Another volunteer. Why am i not surprised? She looks tougher than the girl from one. I guess that she's been training for years, waste of life in my opinion. But it's a free country. Wait no it's not! Hahaha
District 4- A tanned girl gets reaped. She seems happy about it, which is not the usual reaction. Most of the time tributes cry, which is so irritating. It baffles me why they can't keep their feeling inside. Impressive fish girl, very impressive.
District 5- A smart looking girl with bright red hair. She seemed to be assessing and calculating the situation very seriously. She would be a very good one to watch out for.
District 6- My reaping. Magnolia titters up to the stage, almsot unable to walking in her sky-scraping high shoes. She wastes no time in plunging her hand deep into the girls bowl. She unfolds the slip and read out the name, my name. The camera pans out to the crowd. I step out of the 16 year olds section with a huge smirk on my face. I walk up to the stage fearless. Wow, I looked better than i thought I would. She then calls Barron out. He cries, which seems odd since he is so huge. Not the best impression on his part. But I always knew he was weak. 
To sum up-
District Partner- Barron. Big,strong but overly sensitive.
Mentor- Sky. Last years winner, has a slight drinking problem. Good mentor, wants to help. Even Aveline kind of respects her.
Escort-Magnolia(in the pink dress). Loud, pushy and annoying as hell.
Stylist- Miette(Adele). Funny, nice but still as dumb as a doorknob.

I know you didn't meet the stylist but you will in the next story.
 Anyone want to be in an alliance?
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Wrote 4 years ago
Lol I love Lily's description


1st place in group contest: Tributes + Team

1st place in group contest: Tributes + Team

10 sets from 10 members. Ended 4 years ago.
After viewing all the reapings, what do you think of the rest of your competition?
What about your District partner?
And your mentor(s), stylist, escort?
Three Days and guess what? ALL the tributes are winners. :)
[No one will be eliminated, until the actual games start though.]

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