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hey guys,

this set is for day 7 of ainsley's 2k set prompt challenge! i finally finished woo

DAY 7: make a set using an item from the oldest set on your account, and the oldest thing in your saved items (if not possible, use the last item on the 999th page). please tell where each item is in your set c:

the backpack is an item from my first set, and the cardigan is the oldest thing in my saved items!

ok now for the super mini rant. so earlier today this girl @/cloud-lover63 commented on my previous set "Yuk!!Ugly...No offence;D". like seriously?? what are you like 10 years old? you can't even spell yuck or offense right ._.
i didn't even respond to her because i didn't want to start any drama, which we already have enough of on this site smh. there has been so much hate and drama on this site recently, which is starting to turn people away from this site. if you think my set is ugly, why comment and tell me so? like the saying goes, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. 

but on a lighter note, i got a barnes and noble gift card today! i'm so excited because i lovee reading and barnes and nobles is my favorite book store. but i'm not sure what books to get, so if you have any book recommendations, please comment them below! :-)

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