first of all- i HATE the 50 item limit! AAAH. sigh. However, I love this bag. it's stunning! I actually own a very similar bag which i put all my stuff in (and there's A LOT of it!)
 --what's in my bag (the basics)
 1. Sunglasses (depending on the season
2. My ipod touch- must play games and listen to music at all times!
3. My amazing, soundproof skull candy headphones
4. my digital camera
5. a bunch of pony tails and bobby pins
6. some kind of notebook to doodle and write in
7. a bunch of sharpies and colored pens
8. some eye liner and eye shadow ( i don't really wear a lot of makeup
9. a cool wallet (love this union jacket one!) and of course money *that is, if i have any! 
10. my indestructable cell phone *seriously. it.does.not.break
11. a floppy soft hat like the gray one in this set
12. some random jewlery- a bracelet or a necklace or something...
13. silver nail polish! i LOVE silver nail polish. [dont ask why] it's pretty much the only color i will wear on my fingers
 Anyways! I hope you like this set :) I added the starbucks in the corner because i'm there constantly (atleast 5 times a month)-studying-and spending money :) 
 *also, note that everything, in real life, would be incredibly messy and paint splattered from my job (i work at a pottery place :) i love my job
 btw-if this set was not 50 items i'd add this song: love em!

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