This story is pretty short but it is a start to things. 

Kat McCall;;
date: April 23, 2012
hair: same as middle picture
makeup: none
wearing: a chloe trench coat, rebecca taylor printed top, just cavalli leopard print shorts, paisley scarf, ps11 bag, black opaque tights, and lanvin boots
where: the movies 
with: jemma

“Hi, could I have one ticket to the next showing of Mirror Mirror please?” My roommate, Jemma, and I were done with classes for the day so we decided to hit up the movies. After we both got our tickets we ordered some popcorn and soda, then found our seats in the theater. 

“Ugh Kat we haven’t been to a movie in /forever/,” Jemma exclaimed next to me. 

“Tell me about it. School has been crazy lately and trying to get an internship is the same way,” I told her. 

“Well, it hasn’t been that long. You’ll probably hear from one soon.”

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Enough internship talk though. It stresses me out. What happened last weekend?” I asked. This past weekend she went home to Virginia.

“It went a little crazy. I hung out with this guy I used to go to high school with...” Jemma started but then the previews started going. “I’ll tell you the rest after. Previews are my favorite for some reason.” 

Eventually the movie started and about 30 minutes in, Born Again by Biggie Smalls started ringing from my phone. Shit I forgot to shut it off. I got a few dirty looks so I ran outside the theater to answer it. I didn’t recognize the number. 


“Hi, is this Sienna McCall?”

“This is her...” I said wondering who I was talking to. 

“It’s Weston Mills from the Indypendent.” he paused for a moment. I felt like I should say hello again but I realized that would be stupid. “I am calling to talk to you about the internship you applied for.”

“Okay.” It was really all I could say. I was anxiously waiting for him to give me an answer. 

“We want to offer you the position,” he said. OH my gosh! It took all my energy not to squeal. 

“Thank you so much. I am excited to begin working for you,” I replied, trying to remain professional. 

“You start Wednesday so I will see you then,” he said and then hung up before I could say anything else. 

I went back into the theater and said to Jemma loudly, “Guess what?!” I got a lot of glares and a few shushes. I lowered my voice so I didn’t pisss anymore people off. “I got the internship at the Indypendent.”

“Awesome!” she said even louder than I had spoke. I sunk in my chair trying to keep quiet for the rest of the movie but being quiet couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.
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