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Emma Shirley Roberts

I shuffled around, just waking up, when I felt a hand instantly drop around my waist. I was in Ivan's apartment, sleeping in his bed, of course. We were pretty worn out from hanging out with Libby and Ace last night and we crashed at his house after watching a basketball game and eating some ice cream he had in his fridge. I tried to move but I didn't want to lift his arm and take it off me. "Ivan." I moaned softly, wishing he would take it off because I was already awake.

"Ems, stop moving already." I heard him groan, his voice muffled because he was mumbling into his pillow. "We have the day off."

I was confused. I felt my brows furrow and I had my head up to look at his clock. It said 8:20AM. Was I this used to waking up for work everyday? I plopped my head back down and looked at Ivan. His eyes were closed and his chest was bare, not hidden by the covers. I looked down at myself and I was wearing one of his big t-shirts. I sighed quietly and just looked up at the ceiling. I was awake already - who cared about the time - and I couldn't force myself to go back to sleep.

Suddenly, I felt Ivan move around in the bed. Before I knew it, he propped his elbow and held his head up. He was on his side and looking at me. He pushed the covers off himself, and ended up pushing it off me as well. "What's on your mind?" He said quickly.

I glanced at him quickly. His question was so out of the blue, but he asked so sincerely. I had a lot on my mind, though, and I didn't know whether or not I should tell him. My conscience fluttered to the front of my brain, and just told me to tell him, since honesty was key in a relationship. "A lot of things." Guess my conscience half flew out the door.

He sighed and let himself fall back down on the bed. He had his hands on his chest and he was looking up at the ceiling, like me. "That doesn't quite narrow things down, Emma." I looked at him again for a quick second, and his eyes were closed. "What's wrong?"

"You aren't even looking at me." I muttered under my breath, but I really didn't have a clue why I said it.

He cocked his head to the side and looked at me, his eyes flying open. "Come on, Emma. Now, I think I just added gas to the fire." He whispered sadly. "Tell me what's up."

I didn't want to look at him. I was too afraid to. If he wanted to know what's up, he should've seen my face and my reaction when I picked up the phone and talked to his mother. I honestly have never been so scared in my life before. Something about her, even just the sound of her shrill voice, was threatening. And the way that Ivan talked about her definitely made it worse. "Why don't you tell me what's up?" I blurted out. "Your mom?"

I heard him groan and then sigh. Through the corner of my eye, he seemed rather worked up about the topic I had just brought up. "Please, baby, don't worry about her."

"Don't worry about her?" I sat up immediately. I was definitely worried. When we had made up, he had told me that his parents were upset that we were 'from two different backgrounds', and that definitely worried me because one, Ivan wasn't telling me something and two, I hated messing with any boyfriend's parents. "You talk about your parents like they're ready to start World War 3, Ivan."

He sat up, too, but slower than I had. "I'm sorry, okay? But just don't get so worked up over it." He sucked in a deep breath. "Be strong. We'll have her know that we aren't vulnerable, then maybe she'll back off."

"What has she been doing then, Ivan? Enlighten me." He had said that 'maybe she'll back off', and that made me think like she was already plotting to destroy me. "If she hasn't been 'backing off'. That really threatens me." I confessed.

"I'm sorry, Emma." He breathed out and kissed my temple lightly. "I don't know. I honestly don't."

"Amazing." I sighed loudly and just hung my head back, letting it rest on the headboard. I didn't want to sit up anymore and worry. The conversation made me want to go back to sleep. I slid back down and wished to be sleepy again, so I would be able to sleep it all off.

Then suddenly, once I had made myself comfortable laying down on the bed, Ivan just towered over me and lay on top of me. "Come on. Don't be so upset, babe." He said with a light smile.

Part of me hated it when he called me babe or baby - it made me feel like giving in. I think that's his way of getting to me, though. However, I must admit that this time around, I was way too worried that it didn't really work. I just shook my head lightly and gave him a kiss. "I'm not upset."

"You sure?" He said, smirking now.

"Ivan!" I smacked his shoulder lightly and he just chuckled like a little boy. His head dug into my collarbone area as he chuckled. "Get off. I don't want to sleep anymore." I groaned.

His head immediately went back up to look at me. "Oh, come on. You are upset." He frowned.

"Will you please get off, babe?" I asked so politely and sweetly. I never called him babe but maybe this time, it would get to him instead of me.

He groaned and slid off slowly, letting me sit up at the edge of the bed. I felt the bed move and not long after, he was standing in front of me. "I hope you aren't upset with me, alright, Ems?"

"No, I'm not." I sighed and got up to go to his kitchen. The fridge wasn't stocked with much but at least it had water, so I pulled that out and opened a bottle, when I heard my phone ring. I rushed around the house trying to look for it and finally found it, answering it on nearly the sixth ring. "Hello?"

"Hey, jeez." It was Travis. "You're still going to that Pina Colada party you told me about, right?"

"You know, I love how you remember it just because it's alcoholic." I laughed lightly. Ivan was coming out of the bedroom now, rubbing the back of his head and walking toward me. "But yeah, I am."

"We can go?"

"Who's we?" I asked, though I knew who 'we' was.

"The band, silly." Travis said like I was an idiot.

I sighed and chuckled softly. "Yes, 'we' can go. I'll be home before the party so don't get your panties in a bunch. Just wear yellow."

"Yeah, yeah, shut up." Travis laughed. "See you soon." He said and then hung up. Ivan came over and hugged me from behind, like he always did.

"Wear yellow?" He asked.

"Yes, yellow."

"Ugh." He groaned softly and grabbed the water bottle from my hands, taking a sip. "Well, at least there's gonna be pina coladas." He chuckled lightly, giving the water back.

"That's all that any of you boys care about, isn't it?" I rolled my eyes at him and went to sit down on his couch, waiting for the time to fly by.

* * *

I felt a little underdressed, but at least Libby was wearing shorts too! And hey, I was wearing some fancy flats so at least that counts a little as dressed up. Whatever, though! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for inviting us, Elsey!

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