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I’m on a date. 

I’m on an actual date.

With a man whom I actually might like.

Conrad Summers is a lawyer that Chris went up against in one of his recent cases. I only saw him from afar, admiring his sharp jaw line and toned physique, but he must have noticed me because the next thing I knew he asked me out. Every time we tried to get together, but either I had a case or he was in trial. Finally after a couple weeks of trying, we had our first date.

“Thank you for such a wonderful night,” I say ducking my head. The blush came on strong, crawling up my neck quickly.

“Well, it doesn’t have to end,” he offers as he speeds down the street. Is that an offer to go back to his place and…..? Oh crap, oh crap, I’m not ready! I didn’t shave last night, oh crap!

“Umm, okay…sure,” I stutter, embarrassed.

“You’re so cute,” he teases taking a sharp right turn. Okay, I can’t tell if he means that in a good way or in a bad way because sometimes men don’t mean what they say.

He continues to drive home and we talk about meaningless topics. It’s all small talk, which I am not very good at. I think he picks it up because the conversation soon takes a sudden left turn and we talk about law and how we got into it. Before I know it, I find myself telling him my thoughts and opinions about work and the people that work there.

“Well, then why do you work there?” He asks interested. He pulls into a parking garage and hopes out to open my door.

“Because, I like it there,” I lie trying my best not to laugh. When I lie, I always end up laughing and giving myself away.

“Well, I could always try to snag you a position at my place.” He gives me a small smile as the elevator ascends upwards. “Okay, quick warning, I live with two other guys and one-” The elevator door opens and a man stands before us only in his jeans. 

“Sorry Conrad,” the man says and the two of us walk forward. We head towards another door and Conrad opens it, and immediately, the only thing I notice is the amount of boxes strewn around the place. 

Conrad leads me past the kitchen and sits me on the couch. The two other boys have turned off their video game and stare at me with wide eyes. I quickly hide my eyes and end up staring at the floor trying my best not to embarrass myself in front of them.

All of a sudden two drinks fly by my vision and a girl sits down on the couch wedging herself in between the two guys.

“Hi Conrad,” she waves meekly wedging herself between the two men whom I have yet to learn their names. 

“If you think you’re going to sleep with her tonight and then send her in a taxi before breakfast- I will not condone it.” She crosses her arms over her chest and one of the guys is trying not to crack up next to her. 

A huge blush crosses my cheeks as I bring my hand up to shield my eyes. Did she really just say that? How am I ever supposed to return? 

“I’m Essie by the way,” she introduces herself, thinking it will make me feel better.

“H…hi,” I stutter, “I’m…Em..Ember.” The blush still sits on my cheek but I am at least staring her straight in the eye.

She hits one of the men on the couch who is laughing next to her. “Try not to pay much attention to them,” she says, “This dud is Jeremiah, and the other one is Logan.” 

“Nice to meet you Ember,” Logan, the one she didn’t hit, adds.

My fingers fidget with the rings and bracelets on my hands. The nerves are evident from my body language to my darting eyes. I just hope that the other four people don’t notice, especially Conrad. I don’t want him thinking that I’m not having a good time because I am. I just don’t do well with people that I don’t know, let along two other boys.

“Nice to meet you guys to,” I manage to get out without stuttering. Conrad rests a hand on my knee and says nothing.

“I think I’m going to make that popcorn now,” she stands up from the couch adjusting her jeans. 

Logan follows behind her, making me think that they are together, “Need help?” 

“No, Ember want to come help?” she asks smiling. Logan rolls his eyes falling back on the couch. And Jeremiah makes a sound.

Conrad chuckles beside me and give me a little bump. “Go ahead. You’ll like her,” he whispers. I follow his advice and follow her towards the kitchen.

“What prompted you to move in with the guys?” I find myself asking without any warning. I bring my hand up to my mouth and cover my shocked expression. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. It just slipped. It’s your choice, I mean to live with three guys. I….sorry, I’m rambling aren’t I?”

She chuckles, “Fair question,” she takes the microwavable pop corn from one of the cupboards, “My best friend got engaged and I moved out of our apartment. The boys were looking for a fourth roommate, and I am pretty sure there was a miscommunication somewhere but I love it now.”

The popcorn pops loudly in the microwave as beeps of the video game come back, “How did you meet Conrad?” she asks leaning against the counter.

“Umm, he was working a case against us. I was on the opposition while he was one the plaintiff’s side,” I say being as vague as I can. I don’t really want people knowing that I help defend criminals because they always end up looking at me like I’m crazy.

She nods from her spot behind the counter. “Not to be nosy, but do you like Conrad? He tends to just take the girls straight to the bedroom,” she asks getting straight to the point.

Oh crap, oh crap! Conrad brought me home for that? I haven’t…oh God! What do I do!

I fidget around rocking back and forth as the nerves roll like waves through my body. I have no idea how to answer that question, and by my hesitation, she must know that.

Finally, I muster up whatever courage I have left and answer her. “Umm…when I met him, he seemed like a great guy, and he still is. We have been trying to go out for a couple weeks but our schedules have been conflicting,” I answer her brushing off the part about the bedroom for a moment.

I look back towards the men on the couch and lean farther onto the counter. “Does he really do that? I mean, it’s none of my business but I hope he understands that I’m not that type of girl, mainly because I’ve never…” I trail off realizing that I have confided one of my biggest secrets to her. I guess I just felt so at ease with her.

She smiles, “It’s fine Em,” she say starting to head back to the living room, “If you feel uncomfortable we’ll know and so will Conrad.” She stared towards the bedroom, thoughts obviously racing behind her eyes.

We return to the living room and Jeremiah yells something at his hockey team, Logan looks somewhat uncomfortable and Conrad is barely paying attention to the game. 

“Hi Conrad,” I murmur slipping off my sweater and I rest a hand on his knee. Essie is right. If I want them to feel comfortable around me, I have to be comfortable around them.

“So, how exactly do you play hockey?” I ask earning looks from around the room. “It’s not my fault my brother didn’t play hockey…” I laugh, a smile lighting up my face.

“Why don’t you just watch the game?” Conrad suggests eyes glued to the television. 

How dare he say that to me! He spoke so condescendingly towards me that I can’t help but feel offended. I cover it up with a smile and lean back on the couch. I make myself as comfortable as I can be as I watch Conrad and his buddies down a couple beers.

Four beers and one hour later, Conrad is passed out on the couch. Logan and Jeremiah sleep soundly on their couch while is still awake. I look at her and at the door and mouth ‘work.’ She nods with an understanding look on her face. I know she’ll be able to explain this one to him. I can’t afford to be late to the firm tomorrow. We have a big job to do with the case. I believe we are going to see the criminal.

I slide myself out from under Conrad and grab my purse. I take out a pad and pen and write two notes. One is for Essie where I leave my cell in case she ever wants to escape the boys and another for Conrad. I write that I am sorry to leave so abruptly but I need to get home because I have a big day with interviews tomorrow. Well, I write that in a more eloquent way. I leave it on the kitchen counter and head for the door. I stop for a second and turn back around to wave at Essie but she is already gone.

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