Balance Contest Winners

Winners of the "Balance" contest in the Design and Critique group. Note that no one had perfectly symmetrical balance, because, in fact, that is not the best design. :)
  • Paris
    "Yes, this is the winner! It is NOT symmetrical and that is a good thing! The objects on the left are balanced with the white swirl and the objects on the right, but being asymmetrical gives this much more movement and interest." — @kaycee99
  • Am I Balanced?
    "Background is symmetrical, but the clothing is off center, giving this a focal point. Read our discussion in the set comments." — @kaycee99
  • Walk the Path
    "Having the colors divided off the center gives this set interest. The dark blue water is offset by the shadows of the trees." — @kaycee99
  • We Are Young
    "This is the only set that is close to symmetrically balanced. however, the different colors of the words and the slightly off-center placement of the main figure give it movement." — @kaycee99
  • Assimetry
    "4th place goes to this set that has a perfectly symmetrical background with just enough asymmetry in the figures to give it interest. Think about how you would balance this set if the figures were even more off center." — @kaycee99
  • When Doves Cry
    "This artist obviously understands balance as I had a hard time picking just one set (see the HMs). The curves of the dove are balanced by the swirl in the top right corner, which are offset by the birds in the bottom right." — @kaycee99
  • Double Vision
    "7th - Read set comments for our discussion of balance. Do you think it was achieved?" — @kaycee99
  • strength and dignity
    "8th place - The heavier weight of the dark words in balanced by the objects in the bottom right." — @kaycee99
  • Il mio caos.
    "9th place - You can see our discussion of balance in the set comments. Also, the creator gave a great description of what she was trying to do. Do you think she was successful?" — @kaycee99
  • 8/50. Belle
    "10th place - Read our discussion of balance in the comments on the set." — @kaycee99
  • The Helping Hand
    "11th place - The heart is balanced by the swirls and because they are darker, they have more weight, but the clear heart is larger and balances that side of the piece." — @kaycee99
  • Golden Opportunity
    "12 place goes to this fashion set that achieves balance through similarity of color and equal weight, but is not perfectly symmetrical." — @kaycee99
  • Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
    "Honorable Mention" — @kaycee99
  • Amish handwork
    "Honorable Mention" — @kaycee99
  • beauty for ashes
    "Honorable Mention" — @kaycee99
  • The Wild Horses
    "Honorable Mention" — @kaycee99

Two comments

Wrote three years ago
Great collection! Thank you for including me, and for the great analysis of each set!

Wrote three years ago
great descriptions


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