This tip is gonna be about how to manage your time with school, sports, hobbies, friends, families, etc.(;

1.School;; I know how boring it is to do your homework, and study. But come on. please, just try your best. do your homework, study, and pay attention in class. i know you get carried away talking in school with friends, but save the convo for lunch or after school. youll probably hangout on the weekend anyway. so you want to study and do your homework, but dont be a nerd and over study for "fun" lol:) Get done all your hw, and try studing for 15 mins each day, so you dont have to cram

2. Friends♥ Friends are fun and everything, but cant always hang out with them if you have other obligations. Try making Saturday your "Hangout Day" haha & then sunday, save that for spending time with family, homework, day to yourself, etc. its always important to hang out with friends once on a while, so you have a good social life, and its alot of fun. You get lots of closer friendships by this. insted of spendin your friday moping around the house, get out with your friends and have some fun!

3. Sports&Activities;; Try doing only one or two sports&activities a season. make sure it dosnt interfer with school work. if it does, you should skip practice or your meeting once in a while in order to catch up. For example, i dont know how some people can have dance for 3-4 hours, and still manage school. seriously, its too much. an hour-2hrs should be the limit. it will relax you more, trust me:)

4. try every once in a while to have a "family night" you can eat dinner with your family, watch a movie, or play board games, and just talk:) this is the type of things my family does lol, but its sweet:)

5. Time to Yourself♥ i think everyone needs this once in awhile. it dosent have to be a whole dayy, it could maybe just be 3 hrs. do your favorite hobbies, watch your fave movies, read, etc:)

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