Hey guys! It's Stella, here with another tip:)
This one's all about ballet--positions, stretches, attire, and little tips too, for all of you ballerinas out there, or just for people that want to try it out!

Ballet is harder than it looks. It's not just girls dancing around in tutus, it's loads of technique, and a ballerina is an athlete. You have no idea how many hours you have to spend at the barre or in the studio to make that leap look so effortless, or those fuettes so smooth and flawless. Ballet is an art form, and its beauty surpasses any other type of dance. It's also the basic for any other types of dance (modern, jazz) so if you do those types of dance I strongly reccommend some ballet classes!

-First Position: The balls of the feet are turned out completely. The heels touch each other and the feet face outward, trying to form a straight line.

-Second Position: The balls of both feet are turned out completely, with the heels separated by the length of one foot. Similar to first position, but the feet are spread apart.

-Third Position: One foot is in front of the other with the of the front foot touching the middle of the back foot.

-Fourth Position: The feet are placed the same as third position, but one step apart.

-Fifth Position: With both feet touching, the toes of each foot reaches the heel of the other.

-You'll find some pictures of the positions here: http://dance.about.com/od/stepsandmoves/ss/Ballet_Five.htm

-Tendu: http://dance.about.com/od/ballet/ss/Tendu.htm

-Arabesque: http://dance.about.com/od/ballet/ss/Arabesque.htm

-Releve: http://dance.about.com/od/ballet/ss/Releve.htm

-Echappe: http://dance.about.com/od/balletterms/g/Echappe.htm

-Passe: http://dance.about.com/od/ballet/g/Passe.htm

-Pirouette: http://dance.about.com/od/ballet/ss/Pirouette.htm

-Rond de Jambe: http://dance.about.com/od/ballet/ss/Rond_de_Jambe.htm

-There are lots more, but it would take forever to name them all!

-Before dancing, ALWAYS make sure to stretch! Stretching will ensure that your body is fully flexed and ready to dance, so you won't hurt yourself and you can complete the moves more precisely.

-Leg stretches on barre: Prop your leg up on the barre, and turn so that you are facing your leg. With your arm up above your head, slowly move down using your entire upper body so that your chest is as close to your leg as possible. Repeat this, then turn to the side and repeat again.

-Leg stretches on floor: With one leg straight and one leg bent so that it lies flat on the floor, lean forward and try to touch your toes and move your upper body as close as possible to your leg.

-Stretch your ankles by moving them in circular motions. This will prevent you from twisting your ankle while dancing.

-Quad stretches: do a couple deep lunges to make sure your hamstrings and quads are all stretched out and ready for dancing.

-If you can, go down in splits and hold for at least thirty seconds to get your leg muscles even more stretched out.

-If on pointe, hold onto the barre and go on releve a couple of times in preparation for actual dancing.

-The customary ballet attire is white or ballet pink, footed tights and a leotard (usually black or pink).

-Leotards can be any color, but try to keep them simple and elegant so that they won't distract from your dancing.

-Make sure you have on proper ballet slippers or pointe shoes. If you're wearing pointe shoes, you probably already know this, but make sure to wear pads on your toes!

And that's it for this tip!
I hope you guys enjoyed it, and it was helpful:)

♥ stella
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