Okay. Wow. I just made 3 Erin Heatherton sets in a row thinking they'd all be for BAM but I think this is the one I'm entering. I'm so indecisive.

❀Adrienne Clifferts, 16
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Adrienne is the girl with a smile on her face, always. Whenever you see her, she has that twinkle in her eyes, showing the world how happy and bubbly she is. Everyone loves to be around her because she's very sweet and she enjoys making other people smile - her laugh is infectious. Not a single person dislikes Adrienne, and it really is no surprise why. In addition to just being an always happy girl, she's a great and very loyal friend. Once you're in her trusted circles, you can call yourself one of the luckiest people. She loves to hang out with friends and she loves to spoil them, whether it's with presents or just with a great time. But every time she thinks no one is looking, the sparkle disappears from her eyes, as does the smile from her lips and we can't help but wonder why. A sadness creeps over her, but as soon as she senses someone's eyes on her, she's back to her normal self... if the bubbly, happy girl is who she really is, that is.
Model: Erin Heatherton

Top Five
1. Adrienne Clifferts! <3
2. Cassandra Murphy
3. Valerie Dubose
4. Gloria Lexington
5. Hannah Gibson

NOTE: I hope this outfit is beachy and Miami-ish, with the sandals and the shorts. I hope I get a fair chance at getting a part because I worked hard on the story/questions and the set. I can change anything too, if you feel like I could make it better. In the questions, I tried to make her sound kind of clueless and super happy. I hope it came across well. 


*flash back: first day at Bradshaw Academy*

My mother held me tight. “I’m going to miss you, Addi.” She looked at me like she’d never see me again.

“I’m going to miss you too, Mom.” I said through sobs, but I was still smiling.

She hugged me. “I want you to follow your dream, babe.”

“My dream.” I repeated and nodded. “I will.” I finally said. My dream, of course was to make everyone around me happy and feeling better. And my mom knew about my dream. I hugged her again and then releases her. “I’ll make you proud.”

The tears were gone from her eyes now. “I don’t want you to be late on your first day here. And we can’t miss the plane back home to Texas. Be good, sweetheart. I love you.”

I was beaming now, for some reason, I wasn’t sad anymore. “Love you too, bye!” I watched her walk back to the car and I waved like crazy. Sure, I would miss my parents but I know this place is better for me. There are more opportunities here and here, everyone will give me a second chance without even knowing it. I can improve myself here. I can start fresh. 

When she left, I was standing alone in the Bradshaw Academy parking lot. My smile had faded, the color had drained from my face. I was back to being myself, the quiet and gloomy version of myself. And then I sensed some people walking behind and right away, I turned around and ran towards them. Of course I had to make friends on the first day. And with my friendly personality, that’s not very hard to do. 

Once I got to them, I noticed they were juniors and seniors but that didn’t intimidate me. I flashed my mega-watt smile. “Hi, I’m Addi Clifferts, I’m from Texas and I’m new to Bradshaw Academy….” but once I said “Texas” they snickered and shoved past me.

Okay, I thought. Some people aren’t as nice. That’s okay, there are still tons of other people. Not everyone is going to be mean. I saw another group of people and ran to them. “Hey, y’all, I’m Addi Clifferts, I came from Texas and I’m new to….” and then they too, laughed at me and ran off.

I spent the whole first day doing this. When I was alone that day, I told myself to start working on my accent again. And to try another approach on getting friends. 


It sounds odd at first, but who doesn’t love a girl who always gives gifts to her friends? The next week, I spent all my time getting to know people and figuring out what they liked. Then, I went and bought them little gifts. When I brought them to school, I was instantly “the super nice girl who always smiles”. And immediately, I was no longer friendless. 

And that’s who I still am. “That super nice girl who always smiles.” 

In character -
1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself; your name, age, likes and dislikes, family and so on.
Hi, I'm Adrienne Clifferts! Everyone calls me Addi, though. I'm sixteen years old and I'm definitely /not/ new to Bradshaw Academy. I've been here since freshmen year and I adore it here. I was born in Dallas, Texas but I moved to Miami, Florida in junior high. People think I'm another "southern belle" with a Texan accent and love for all things country, but I am actually quite the opposite! My accent had worn off in junior high and, honestly, I never had the love for all things country. I never liked country music or anything like that so that definitely sets me apart from other Texan girls. I consider myself a total Florida girl now because my most important years of life were here. I love my life at Bradshaw, it's better than anything that could have happened back in Dallas. My friends here are amazing and so supportive. Why would I say that they're supportive? Well, like I said, I'm from Texas and lots of people used to make fun of me because of my background. They'd say things like I wasn't educated or whatever. That is clearly untrue because Bradshaw Academy only accepts the best students and I believe I am educated and I am smart, despite what the others used to think. They were so mean that sometimes I'd call my parents and want to go back to Dallas with my old friends where everyone was nicer. Some people even said things right in my face. All these snide comments and remarks hurt me at first, but now, as I've been here for a long time, it's made me stronger. And that's why I say that my friends here are so supportive of me. They know the real me, and they know that I'm not just "the girl next door" and that they can always come to me for advice or just for fun. I have always have something in store to make them happy. My friends are my life, they literally are. I'm always surprising them with little gifts or throwing little parties that turn out to be huge parties that everyone remembers. That's me, I'm the girl who always wants to have a good time and to make others happy. When I first moved here, I wasn't treated so warmly, so I made my resolve to change the scene around here. I'm going to be happy, and I'm going let it show. Everyone knows I'm the optimistic one, the girl who they can come to for a good laugh or a little cheering up. I think I can find something good in any situation, no matter how bad it is. That's why, now that everyone knows me around here, I'm friends with everyone. And that's my favorite thing about this place, I feel like I belong. You see, when I was in Dallas, my parents were the best parents you could ever ask for. But my life in school was drab and boring. I knew I was meant for something bigger and better, like Miami of course. So when Dad told us (my older brother and I) that we were moving to Florida for his new job, I was ecstatic. It was time to start my life over, for real. And that's just I did. I'm Addi Clifferts and you can count on me. 

2. If you are a veteran to Bradshaw Academy, do you like the school? How long have you been here? / If you are new to the Academy, are you happy to be here? What are you expecting to find?
I've been at Bradshaw since Freshmen year, so about two years. And those two years have been the best years ever. I can't say enough how much I appreciate my friends here. I really believe that my life at Bradshaw is only going to get better from here. On a serious note, I am expecting to find something here. And that's a /true/ friend. Sure, I have loads of "friends" and I love them all with my heart, but I feel like I need to find a friend that I can go to for comfort and advice. That friend that can cheer me up, that can make /me/ laugh. That friend that I can trust and tell all my problems to. The one that will let me cry on /her/ shoulder. I have yet to find that friend, but for the mean time, I'm happy how I am. Being /that/ friend for everyone else is my job around here. 

3. How do you relate to people? Are you a social person, someone who has a few close friends only, or someone who prefers to be left alone?
I can't stand it being left alone! I hate solitude with a passion, it's true. I am total extrovert, I am /not/ shy at all. I'm friendly, funny, gregarious, I can strike up a conversation with almost anybody. I'm not intimidated by anyone because I consider everyone as my friend, or eventual friend. I have to be a sociable person because I love partying and throwing parties. It's what I'm known for here at Bradshaw. I love having friends and I love them all. 

4. Tell us about your talents, hobbies, passions. What is your biggest dream? Do you think you can actually achieve it in your life?
Talents? I don't have any wild or spectacular talents but I can dance. I love dancing, especially bellydancing. But I'd never in a million years do /that/ in front of anyone. Even though I'm not shy, my fun dancing moves never leave my room. Some talents that I like showing off are throwing parties. If there's a party I'm not invited to, I'll throw my own. I'm used to it, almost too used to it. I can't imagine a week without some kind of party, small or big. My hobbies are drawing, painting and sketching. I love painting when I'm alone, that's the only time I like being alone. Since I'm rarely alone, I don't paint often, but when I do get the chance, I savor it and paint like crazy. I'm good at sceneries, but I am much better at painting portraits of people. My dream in my life, my biggest dream, is make everyone happy. I am a people-pleaser, I know, but it's not really a bad thing to me. Other's joy and happiness always come before mine. If I could light up one person's day, I'm happy. I can't stand sadness or depression, especially in others. Even if I may not be happy, I want to make sure that everyone /else/ is. Can I achieve it? Of course I can! I'm known for being an over-achiever (that's how my parents raised me back in Dallas) so I positively know I can achieve it, if I believe in it. It's my number one biggest dream. And I don't /think/ I can achieve it. I /know/ I will. 

5. Are you a good student? Do you enjoy learning? What is your approach to school?
Here's my idea on school: I love people, so I love my friends and the majority of my friends are at school so of course I love school. School is where the gossip starts (I'm not going to act like I'm a goody-goody by saying that I don't like to gossip, who doesn't?) and where the weekend plans begin. I love school for that aspect of it. Do I enjoy learning? Maybe not as much as I love making friends, but learning is definitely fun for me. How else do you strike up a conversation with a random stranger if you don't know anything to talk about? I stay on top of the news and the latest gossip, and the stuff I learn at school, so I don't run out of topics. It sounds sad at first, but school for me is something I actually look forward to. At school, you're surrounded by hundreds of people. Unlike when you're at home, and you're by yourself, all alone, with nothing to do and nobody to talk to. That's why, surprisingly, I love school.

6. If you've lived in Miami for a while or been here a lot before, do you like it? Do you find it relatable and nice? / If you're new to Miami, what are your first impressions? Do you find it appealing here? What did you expect out of the city?
I've lived in Miami since junior high, middle school, so I've been here for quite some time. I adore it here, the parties are endless (literally, they never end) and the people here are so interesting and kind. The ones I've met, at least. It's a perfect place for beach parties, tanning, shopping, having fun, I love it. There are so many more options here than there are back in Dallas. I can't believe I ever wanted to go back. The pros of living here obviously outweigh the cons. The only cons are that I miss my parents, they were so wonderful. But other than that, this place is like paradise. 
- Out of character -
1. Do you think you can stay active? Have you been in a lot of RPs? Please be honest.
I honestly can say I will be active. I am active in all my roleplays and I will keep up with my reputation of being active. I NEVER join roleplays if I'm not going to be active. That is unfair to the mods and to the other members of the roleplay. And it's sad too, I mean, you worked so hard in getting a part and then you just become inactive or you randomly quit? That's just mean, if you ask me. I promise to be active. If you look at my sets, I make rp sets very often and I made sets about every single day of the week. If I'm busy or I have something coming up, I'll let the mods know right away so you're not worried about my sudden inactivity. I have been in loads of roleplays, but only a handful of them were active and only a handful of them were fun to be in. I've never been in a summery roleplay, so I'm excited, if I get the part. Currently, I'm only in two roleplays, and I'm active in both, and will be active in this one. 

2. Why do you think you are the best choice for playing this character? Why should we give /you/ the spot, as opposed to someone else who tried out for the same character? Why did you tryout for the character you did?
When I was going through the list of characters, in my mind, I was thinking: I want to find a character who is similar to me. Fun, bubbly, loves to make others happy. And I also was thinking, I want to play a blonde (since I haven't played a blonde in a long time) and when I came across Adrienne, my heart literally stopped. I felt like she was written for ME to play! It was so weird, I /had/ to try out. There was no other character I felt connected to except for Adrienne. If I don't get to play Adrienne, I'd love to play any of the other choices I picked in the Top 5, but Adrienne is really the one character I feel like I portray the best. I may not be blonde, or from Texas, but I feel like I would be the best Adrienne. I'm connected to her by her personality and her secret. I also thought Erin Heatherton was the perfect fit for her so i had to tryout for her. 

3. Do you already have a story for her in mind? Do you think you will get committed and involved and connected, even, to your character to an extent where you /want to/ make sets for her and continue her story?
I /want/ to make sets and stories for all my roleplay characters and I very much feel this way for Adrienne. Last night, I planned out a huge storyline for her, but I may have to ask the mods about some of it, but I already have a story for her in mind and how I'm going to execute it. I'm going to make her story exciting so I will want to continue it. 

4. What drew you into this group, why did you choose to tryout?
I joined the roleplay scene in the winter, so I joined when roleplays were set in the Winter setting. I've never had a summer roleplay and this sounds so exciting. I love how the mods put so much effort into the roleplay, the locations, the schedules, and the character's bios. They put so much effort into it, and I felt like I was obligated to tryout. It was practically calling my name, it sounds so fun and I've never been in a roleplay that was super active and I know this one will be killer amazing so I am so excited to be in it, if I get the part. I know many other talented girls are trying out too, but I hope I get a fair chance at getting a part. 

5. Do you think you're going to follow our rules? By this we mean staying active, not changing your character and making her perfect, not being all about boys and relationships (!), as well as the other ones?
The rules are simple enough to follow and I can definitely make many sets a week for BAM. I would never make Addi sound perfect, she's not, and later in the storyline (that I planned out) I'm going to show some of her flaws and insecurities. I will NEVER make it about boys because that's when a roleplay gets BORING and I want this to be fun and exciting and I will have family drama, friend drama and some boy drama (but not a lot). I know I will make you proud with my activity and effort. 

Thanks for the opportunity, it's wonderful even being able to tryout for such an amazing roleplay. If I don't get the part, I understand, but since I don't want that to happen, please let me know if there is anything I should change to fix to make it better. Thank you. I worked hard. <3
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