Bandit Taylor Jardine

I'd be happy if I was that fdfgvhbjnkcking pretty. Also, based on Supernatural. :D
-Written as Tay would say it.-
Name: Bandit Taylor Jardine
Nickname: Bandit, Taylor, Tay, B.
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hometown: Michigan
Height: Im smaller than Kellin, thats for sure.
Favorite Song? ; Bulls in the Bronx by Pierce the Veil.
Favorite colour?; Grey. Shades of ;)
Favorite Day?; Tomorrow.
Favorite memory?; Being born.
Personality; Kind. Happy. Hyper. Random. Musical. Lazy. Adventure-y. Story writer. Photographer. Animal lover. Addicted to Monster. I watch way to many horror movies. Also a strong believer of all things supernatural. Have you got your salt ring?
Other: My mother was from New Zealand, so I have a New Zealand accent.
Deep Secret: My home was on fire when I was five and when Sammy was still a baby. My dad rushed out of the house with me, but my mother died. I have never told anyone about this day, as I feel that it was my fault, as I was distracting my mom and dad. Since then I've changed school four times, and since the age of 14, I have self harmed. I have tried to stop though, which is why I always have a razor on the necklace around my neck. Not that you can see that necklace though. Thats also the reason why I wear lots of bracelets. So instead of seeing scars which represent sadness, depression and possible anger, they see bracelets which show happiness, adventure, exitement etc.
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