The Bane Family

The Banes are fairies. When you think fairies, the first thing you see are little sparkly pixies flying around, but a more accurate description of them would be elementals. The Banes were the first family on earth to have the curse and blessing of being elemental fairies. They have the ability to master an element (rarely more than one, but because of the family's long history with elements, they can learn more than one): water, earth, fire, and sky.
Mason and Sophia have mastered all four, Duke is very skilled with water and attempts at fire, Raegan is talented in earth and in little water. Logan has a partiality to the skies, and Blaise embraces fire. Young Jaxx has not found out what his element will be.
Full Name: Blaise Estelle Bane
Nickname: --
Age: 17
Date of Birth: May 5
Place of Birth: Ohope Beach, New Zealand
Creature: Fire Elemental/Faerie
Looks: Phoebe Tonkin (long, dark brunette hair, hazel/blue eyes, tanned)
Family/Short Bio: 931
Car: Brigt Red Lamborghini
Phone: White iPhone 5

Full Name: Logan Miles Bane
Age: 18
Date of Birth: April 17
Place of Birth: Ohope Beach, New Zealand
Creature: Water Elemental/Faerie
Looks&Short Bio: ^
Car: Silver Aston Martin One-77
Phone: Black iPhone 5

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