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Hello Beauties
Sorry for this sucky set.

This is for @polyvoreacademy round 1 //
I'm in House C + my colour is purple and the logo is a flower - both of which I've included

- -
Outfit C H O I C E ♥
I kept the outfit simple and went for a girly grunge-esque look with a purple studded shoulder sweater, black leggings, a chunky knit grey scarf, chunk grey socks and a pair of black Doc Martens. The outfit is casual yet still looks like you made an effort. ♥

S T O R Y ♥
My iPhone 5 trills with a hit new dance track, alerting me that it is time to awake. I slowly awake, rubbing my eyes softly as I let out a small yawn. I reach over to my iPhone 5 and I slide the arrow on the screen, stopping the alarm. I place the phone back onto my desk, as I slowly swing my tanned toned legs out of my king-size bed, into a pair of soft fluffy slippers. I quickly make the bed, and have a shower.
Upon my return, I brush, blow dry and style my hair, letting it lay as tousling curls around my shoulder and i get dressed. 
I hurry back into the bathroom to brush my teeth before going back to my room.
I apply a small amount of make- up, and i place my iPhone 5 inside a gorgeous black leather - one of a kind- cambridge satchel. The satchel had a small purple floral corsage attached which really complimented my outfit. I hunt down my purse and a pair of headphones and stuff them inside the bag along with my class list and dorm room information.

I hurry down the stairs, and into the kitchen.
I grab a small bottle of organic orange & mango juice from the fridge and an apple from the work top.
A note is tacked to my car keys, and I smile. It read
'Have a great day darling. Make us proud. All our love, Mum and Dad xoxo'
I smile, slipping the note into my satchel, which i place on my right shoulder.
I hurry out of the house, placing my large monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage set into the boot, before opening the door of my black porsche 911.
- As i pull up onto the Polyvore Academy, my mouth puckers in awe. The grounds are lush and serene, like a haven for fashion gifted girls like myself. I pull into a car park space, and cut the engine. I pull my satchel onto my lap, and i delve inside, searching for my class list and dorm information. I notice that I'm in dormitory C.
I hope the people there are nice.
I look in my mirror, apply a coat of lipgloss and set a smile on my face. I practice what I'm going to say.
"hey there, nice to meet ya." I pucker my eye brows, no, definitely to friendly.
"Hello, pleasure to meet you" I smile,perfect.
I return all my items to my bag.
I push open my door and step out. I put my satchel over my right shoulder, allowing it to swing benignly. I shut the door, pressing my key and locking the door with a beep beep. 
I sway my hips as i walk to the boot and I pull out my suitcases, and pull them along behind me, to the direction of Dormitory C.
I hope the C stood for classy.
As I entered the dorm, I noticed I was the first to arrive, and i smile.
Punctual as always.
I pull my cases in after me, selecting a bed near the window. I claim it by places my bags on them.
I take a sip of the juice I'd brought with me and I nibble at the apple, mostly out of nerves. I fiddle with the scarf around my neck, eventually pulling it off and discarding it on my bed.

I walk toward the kitchen area, checking the cupboards, I see there are baking supplies and I smile.
I find an apron in another cupboard, and i decide to make some little welcoming gifts for the others.
I begin making fresh meringues with raspberries, strawberry and white chocolate chip cookies and oreo chocolate brownies.
I place the items in the oven, setting the time as I begin cleaning the supplies.
I sing softly to myself, a brilliant voice in a shy girl.
Hidden from others. like the rest of her secrets.

Dormitory C residents

roleplay below girlies for extra points ♥
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