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Serena Daniels;

I strutted into Daddy’s office building confidently like I owned the place. I totally basically did anyway, right. It’d been a couple of days since I’d talked to Sebastian but I was still totally going to sort this shit out for him, because I was an amazing sister like that.

“Daddy.” I called out entering his office. I expected it to be empty and Jason to hear me from his office next door. What I did not expect to find was Jason sitting at Daddy’s desk like he owned the place. That was not okay! That was Daddy’s desk and only he was allowed to sit there. Well him and Sebastian and me. So only a Daniels was allowed to sit there!

“Jason.” I cried in surprise. And it was genuine surprise. “What are you doing in Daddy’s office?” I asked, titling my head to the side and blinking.

“You’re dad’s not here.” He said, stating the bloody obvious, “He’s in Los Angeles Serena.” Jason told me mildly, leaning back in the chair like he owned the place. That was not write. Daddy owned the place not him.

“I know that.” I couldn’t help rolling my eyes in exasperation. He’d been gone almost a week, did Jason think I was stupid or unobservant or something? “That doesn’t explain what you’re doing in Daddy’s office.”

“I had to get some files off his computer.” She shrugged carelessly. I totally didn’t like his attitude. It was to much like mine. But he wasn’t allowed to have it because he was a fully grown man and his daddy didn’t own this place.

“Don’t you have access?” I asked innocently.

“Unfortunately not,” He said, and I so didn’t like the glint he had in his eye so I was totally going to back off. He was actually kind of creeping me out now, “But I do have his password so it’s fine I’m in here.”

“Oh well that’s okay then.” I shrugged, with a smile. I remembered what Theo said about the little girl thing turning him off, which is exactly why I was doing it now. I couldn’t tell you what it was but something was off here.

“What did you want your dad for?” He asked me in seeming concern, “Maybe I could help.”

“Oh It was just family matters.” I shrugged, going for helplessly, again moving to sit down in the chair opposite daddy’s desk, “Sebastian seems to think he’s not allowed back in the office.” I giggled at that, in a way I had perfectly practiced, “I told him it was perfectly silly because he worked here, he’s employed here and why wouldn’t he be allowed to come in.” I shrugged then, like Sebastian was being silly.

“Oh well, yea.” He shrugged with a laugh, “I told him maybe it was best for him not to come in.” So he actually had done it, Sebastian wasn’t being precious. Interesting.

“Why was that?” I asked, playing clueless. Well okay I totally actually was clueless as to his motives but I wasn’t as ditzy as I was playing.

“I figured having your brother in would undermine my authority,” He said, hint of affected authority in his voice. Like that would scare me. Daddy did it much better and his never worked on me, “and he could do his work from home.”

“That’s not fair though.” I stomped my foot on the ground. Well as much as one could stamp their foot whilst sitting down, “Sebastian lives for work. Which is really sad and not healthy but totally not the point,” I rolled my eyes, carefully choosing my words. Well more carefully than usual, “You have to let him come in.” I added a pout for extra effect.

“I’m not sure that’s the best idea.” He said hesitantly, pushing his chair back from the desk and leaning forward, elbows on his knees. Defiantly getting really freaky vibes right about now.

“I’ll call daddy and figure this out.” I stood up and pulled my phone out of my bag, making sure to continue the innocent ditzy routine, it was my best protection though you know I don’t think he was actually crazy enough to try anything at work. I hoped “I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding easily fixed.”

“There’s no need for that Serena,” he practically purred, standing up swiftly and grabbing the wrist not holding my phone, “I’m sure we can arrange something.” He eyed me in a way I totally would have wanted 20 minutes ago. Now not so much.

“Oh yea,” I looked up at him through my eyelashes, “Like what?” I didn’t feel in control now. I didn’t like not being in control. Not one bit.

Thankfully at that moment my phone rang, proving to me that Sebastian was totally paying me back for doing this favour. “Hello,” I answer cheerfully, stepping back from Jason as he, thankfully, let my wrist go, “Hi Sebastian.” I shot a meaningful look at Jason.

“Where are you?” He asked suspiciously, 

“At work. or daddy’s work.” I laughed as casually as I could manage.

Once again proving his usefulness in relatively specific and usually not useful situations Sebastian clearly heard the nervousness in the laugh, because he asked me “What’s wrong Serena.”

“Nothing, I’m just here with Jason.” I shot the man in question as innocent of a smile as I could manage - which was pretty damn innocent because I was good, “The good news is you can come back into work, we sorted everything out.”

“Really?” He asked suspiciously, “What did it cost you?”

“Nothing much.” I said brightly, twirling a strand of hair round my finger. He let out a sharp breath, “where are you?” I asked

“About 2 minutes out. I’ll come in now.” He said.

“Oh goody.” I clapped a little, well aware Jason was still watching me, “I’ll come down and meet you then.” Anything to get away from him.

Not hanging up on Sebastian I made my way to the door, “Bye Jason.” I waved at him with yet another smile, “Hope to see you around.”

Just when I thought I’d escaped the creepy he smiled at me, “Oh I’m counting on it.” He said pleasantly before sitting back down. I shut the door with a shudder and hurried downstairs, getting to the lobby at the same time as Sebastian.

And if I hugged him a little bit longer and harder than usual, well nothing needs to bed said about it, right?

@chrissykinz @sarahstardom and @vicks.Not sure when this story got like this but apparently this is the way I'm talking Serena's storyline. Anyone else who read it as well, is it to weird/cliche? Let me know pretty please because I'm not sure if i wanna continue it! xx
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