+Lady Gaga/Beautiful dirty rich

Mia Watkins, 21

Likes: fashion, New York, nail polish, designer labels, shoes, parties, dogs, starbucks, sunglasses, sunbathing, Paris, magazines, make up

Dislikes: bad make up, clingy boyfriends, hard work, rap music, chipped nails

Occupation: Internship at French Vogue

Place of stay: Paris, France [Sometimes New York]

Hometown: New York

Bio: Mia has lived in New York for most of her life, but once her mom got a promotion at French Vogue they uprooted the family and moved to the beautiful Paris. Mia's father owns a successful chain of hotels all around the world, they are one of the richest families. Mia wishes to be an only child, but she has two older brothers which she loves nonetheless, putting all of her family together they look like the winners of a genetics lottery. Her family spend their summers at the Bahamas and winters in Switzerland, owning one of the best hotels has its perks. 
Mia has never been the one to work hard, but she still has ambition. After being kicked out from numerous jobs her mother finally signed Mia up for an internship at Vogue, hoping that she will finally stick to one thing. 
Mia is a great friend to have on your side, she will keep your secrets if you can keep hers. But if you get on her wrong side she is ruthless and will destroy you. 

Relationship status: Long distance relationship with her boyfriend who's in New York, going through a rocky patch.


Taken by: @ribbonsandkisses
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