Name: Lucas Baptista
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Short Bio: Lucas is one of those people who tries his best to forget about the wealth. The Money. The fame. But, that can get tricky, when your family is plastered all over Brazil, not even that, but also the World. They're everywhere. He's got a legacy to live up to though, no, no not his father's. Not yet anyways, his uncle will take over when Eike .. passes. Then his brother, than him. Anyways, his legacy is his Brother's, his brother did everything. He too went to CGH, he then went on to Dartmouth where he double majored in agriculture and business, he was/is a notorious bad boy and player and right now, is just living the dream. His Brother is his Father's favorite. He's charismatic and ambitious and confident. Lucas is too, don't get me wrong, just, not as much.
Eike Baptista: OGX Petroleo e Gas
Luiz Baptista: Uncle: works for Eike
Eike Baptista II: Brother: Being a 22 year old billionaire.
Luciana Baptista: Mother: Designer
Secret: His Father hates Lucas, he blames lucas for the death of his real mother. Who died while giving birth, she had to choose between herself or her son. She chose her son, Eike has never forgiven Lucas for that. Because of it, Lucas is much more reckless, he doesn't have as good of a name for the company because he's more of a loose cannon. He wants his Father's approval, more than anything, I'm scared to see ho far he would be willing to get it.
Appearance: Edilson Nacaoeitbaiubad
Personality: Reckless, Wild, Spontaneous, Womanizer, Crazy, Frugal.
5 Favorite Things: Sex, Drugs, Money, OGX.... Muscle Milk
Do you want to be a founder? & Why?: Nope. I'm already a founder. I dun neeeeed it.
As a potential founder, do you promise to be as active as you possibly can?: .. yes.
Rate the two male cliques as which you would rather have: Tau Kappa Epsilon & Sigma Chi I rrike zem both.
Anything Else?: nuh

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