name: Barbara Evans
age: 21
quote or lyric to describe you character : All I ever wanted was the world; I can’t help that I need it all, the primadonna life, the rise and fall.
likes: high-fashion, New York, cats, travelling, art, vintage clothing, Vogue, Italian food, blazers, bowler hats, 80’s movies, drawing, spending money, being in center of attention, boys, her dad, baking (even though she sucks at it).
dislikes: flowers (she’s allergic), her hometown, occasionally her mother, being bored, being ignored, not getting what she wants, being broke, the fact that she can’t cook/bake.
style: short dresses, skirts, collar shirts, a pair of oxfords or jeffrey campbells a blazer and her trusty bowler hat usually make the trick.
previous occupation & education: she is majoring in art at Columbia University. has had no previous job experiences. Currently unemployed, aspires to become a stylist or a fashion designer.
bio: Barbara may seem like an average spoiled, daddy’s girl, but face it, she’s much more than that. You know she is better than you when you see her on the street wearing the latest fashions, when she is hanging out with Daniel Wellington- your dream guy and when she grabs the attention of every single male being in the room. What you didn’t know that underneath those designer pieces lies a girl who is as miserable as you are, that owns three cats and lives on her best friend’s couch, only because she is looking for adventure in her life. And she’s not the only one.
model: Karen Gillan

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