Oh girls...
don't you just hate drama? I mean, a little drama is fun, but not this sh*t.
Apparently after reading my favorite tabloid magazine it turns out that Nikki Minaj has some beef with me? WTF? I mean, what the f*ck did I do to her?

Uhh...these b*tches.

december | 18 | saturday |
now we are in venice, were we will be treated to a wonderful homemade meal by mama germanotta, joe germanotta’s dad, and gaga, monster, and nightmare’s grandma. after we nom on our homemade pasta, we’ll head out to be taken on a wonderful gondola ride as the sun sets and darkness surrounds us, including the beautiful shinning stars. grab a jacket and a loved one, because it’ll be chilly.

"This is all that matters,extended family an nothing more." I said.

"Ahmen to that sister." Gaga said.

We drank our wine and I got a text from Kanye. He was in Paris evidentally working with Vuitton on some top secret design thing. He'd texted me about som crazy b*tches in the store in some wierd harem thing. How he knew that I don't know, but this is Kanye we're talking about: outrageous and b*tchy. I'm suprised he didn't fit in with them. He sent me a picture of a girl who looked just like Gaga, blonde hair and all with the insanely chic outfit and mancandy. 

"Hey look Gaga it's your other twin."

"Oh God!" she said, grabbing the phone."Everyone check this out."

I smiled. I'd never wish to be with anyone else than these people.

-Amber xxx
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