I don't know why.

My day was mostly good.

Spanish - We were saying the times. We moved our paper clocks to the appropriate time and stuff.
It was easy.

Adv - NEW MUSIC! As in...
one hour later..
So I have been practicing for the past hour. and I got it. It's not that hard once you get the fingerings. Heck! I memorized like the first half! gosh.
Here's what it sounds like (not our school, this is a random school ahaha):
It's really fun. I think I might play once I'm done writing again.

English - This sub guy came. He saw me eating an ALMOND JOY (lol) during class. 

Band - NEW MUSIC AGAIN! It's a Jewish song called Festival of Lights.

After band.
Honestly. I am PISSED OFF about this. This is the ONE thing that ruins my day.
So that girl keeps saying I like him. And I was close to crying. It's so f**king annoying. So she goes up to him and asks if he likes me. And he says no. BECAUSE HE DOESN'T. And I don't like him. I was MADMADMAD.

PE - I ignored the girl.
And we did a field hockey relay race thing. Our team won :)

History - We had to do this activity where we move around. I was one of the 10 people who finished.
Something funny happened:
So I am just writing.
And I get annoyed. And I forgot what I said, but I said something.
And jacob's like "You're sassy!"
And this guy named Jake is like:
"Her name's not Cassie."
"No, I said 'sassy!'"
Then I say to Dani:
Am I sassy?
Sometimes, I guess?

Okay. I don't know what that means. So I searched:
impudent; saucy
I didn't know what either word meant..
 1. rude; impudent
 2. pert; sprightly a saucy smile
 3. stylish or smart her saucy new hat

So I am immodest? Really?
Then he was like:
"Hey Sassy! You know I'm saying that to piss you off, right?"
"Yeah. I knew that for a while."

Lunch - So I ran to Lisa carrying Junyi's backpack so she would run faster.
Bob looked at me odd. :D
And when I was done with lunch, I went with my friends to Kimberly. And we saw this guy named Chris S in an AWESOME hat. So we ran to him. And started talking about his hat. I got to wear it for like a second! Then I realized I left my stuff. So we ran back and forth. And some people were dancing. And I went there. And Bob came behind me. And tried to get closer to me. But I [unintentionally] moved away. 
So I saw him with Jacob. And I realized I didn't finish my math. So I asked to copy. And Bob was close enough to hear. So he's like "copying?"
And I'm like "You copied me last year!"
And so I said to Jacob that I let him copy in 6th grade.
"But that was 6th grade!"
"Yeah. but I said you can copy mine if you forget. So lemme copy!!"
And he gave it. :D

When the bell rang, Bob was close to me when I was walking. I think he liked someone else, but got over her. Because he was around me. A lot. And the girl I think he likes hugged this guy for a long time. Like 2 minutes. Standing. Freak-o.

Science - We were tossing a ball.
I am being called by my middle name...

Algebra - SO. Junyi is like "Why don't you do your homework?"
"Even my DAD didn't get it."
"So you had to copy off --"
I stopped her.
"SHHH! Don't yell to the world!"
So Tawny was asking if I did the HW.
And Junyi was like:
"No. She copied off Jacob."
Thanks, Junyi. For your stupidity makes everyone look like a genious.
But he missed a problem. And yelled/whispered "sorry!" and so I think the whole class except the teacher knew I copied. It was only 5 problems! GOSH!

After school I had to retake a math test.
And I got thirsty so I asked Ms. G if I could get a lemonade from her closet if I gave a ticket. But she decided to give us all lemonade :)
So AJ was like "Thank you soraya!"
Me, this guy named Antonio who sits next to me and AJ were retaking. Junyi was there because we carpool.

That was my day.


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me either! i dont wear dresses or skirts =/

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sooo pretty!

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i love this! :D

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Wrote 7 years ago
This is cute,
I like the rundown of your day.

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