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-Your set must be a doll.
-You must include a fact about yourself in your set.
-TAG at least 5 Polyfriends, feel free to tag more!
-Answer the following questions!
1) What is your creative process when making a doll set? Do you start with the doll or the background?
2) What are your favorite colors to use for doll sets?
3) What is the doll set you created that you are the most proud of?
4) Show us one of your ultimate favorite doll set on Polyvore made by someone else.
5) Who are some of your favorite dollmakers (max 5)?
1) I always start with a pic that inspire me,then I add allthe other things,but is always the pic that calls me:)
2)surely pink,but all pastel colors,sometimes I "force" myself to use others to avoid being too boringXD
3)maybe this one:http://www.polyvore.com/tea_with_alice/set?id=48577799&lid=1535502 coz I love how I put her together keeping the unusual prospect
4)this set made by @elsabear http://www.polyvore.com/blue/set?id=63086598
5) @tabithasue coz without her I wouldn't even start making dolls she is my inspiration:)
@reboot-myheart put it simply she's amazing,she has such a unique view of making dolls!
@elsabear I adore her dollies,she and I have the same taste about the subjects of our sets,but she's way better than me:)
@nixandra her dolls are always amazing,I love each one of them
@lotti she doesn't make dolls anymore but hey!such masterpieces!!
there are soo many more,each doll maker has a unique point of view and inspire me:)
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