L.A.-Based Designers on the Verge: Meet 3 of Cali's Best

While electric cities like New York, Paris and Milan end up receiving much of the fashion community’s attention, Southern California has certainly earned a fair share of the pie. (It’s the home of Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte and Trina Turk, after all!)
The City of Angels is brimming with talent, and we were fortunate enough to steal time away from three (yes, three!) up-and-coming Los Angeles-based designers, including Rozae Nichols of Clover Canyon, Melissa Coker of Wren and Piper Gore, creator of the eponymous line. Their brands vary slightly in style, but their skill is equally palpable.
Click through to find out the stories and inspirations behind Clover Canyon, Wren and Piper Gore.
  • Rozae Nichols of Clover Canyon
    "Rozae, can you talk about the idea behind Clover Canyon?
    "Our vision was to create a fresh, visual language of textile print to connect and embrace the current technology of super high resolution and brilliant color through multi-screen printing."" — @polyvore-editorial
    Rozae Nichols of Clover Canyon
  • Untitled #365
    "Do you consider Clover Canyon to be distinctly Californian?
    "Yes, we are very expressive of our regional light, cultural diversity and our local work force. Our muse is optimistic and appreciates an artistic irony."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • First Bloom-- Where is Spring?
    "Let's talk about Spring '13, it's so vivid. What was your inspiration?
    "The automobile ... the pleasure of discovery through a southwest cross-country road trip. The prints are a graphic quilt of the journey."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Piper Gore, Designer on the Verge
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    "Piper, tell us about the woman you design for.
    "The Piper Gore woman could be living anywhere in the world. She loves life, is intelligent, confident and fearless."" — @polyvore-editorial
    Piper Gore, Designer on the Verge
  • Piper Gore
    "Piper, your summer line is so wearable -- tell us about it.
    "The inspiration was ‘Great Expectations,’ with a focus on the use of water. Also, [I liked] the intricate details in the wrought iron and dilapidated gardens of Paradiso Perduto."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Leather & Lace , OH My.
    "Piper, as a trendsetter, we'd love to know what every woman needs for spring.
    "Leather and lace! I love to wear my Clementine pant with the Chloe leather vest; it's a perfectly balanced outfit."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Melissa Coker, Designer on the Verge
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    "Melissa, you're based in L.A, can you talk about the woman you design for?
    "Someone who knows their own style, is interested in fashion but not necessarily trends."" — @polyvore-editorial
    Melissa Coker, Designer on the Verge
  • "In Los Angeles, everyone is a star." - Denzel Washington
    "Melissa, what makes running a fashion line out of Los Angeles so unique?
    "In L.A., we're not under the pressure of limited space. Being able to produce locally and economically is an incredible blessing."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • PFW
    "Melissa, can you talk about the inspiration behind your bright, patterned spring line?
    "I always start with fabrics. The blue and white floral print felt crisp but feminine. So we went from there, building on layers and adding twists."" — @polyvore-editorial


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