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Hey girlies this is Jenna, your favorite tip girl;). Anyways, photography's is a little hobby of mine, ever since I got my Canon. Anyways I decided to share some of the more basic photography tips.

So lets go ahead and get started.


o1- The lighting should always be behind the photographer not the subject. When the lighting is behind the subject it makes them/it shadowy and dark. So make sure the light is behind you not whatever you're taking a picture of. 

o2- The rule of thirds. If you don't know what the rule of thirds is let me tell you-

On your camera or whenever you're editing photos, theyre willbe a box-grid, made of nine little squares. Three vertical and three horizantal lines make those little squares. Always make sure your subject is on one of the vertical lines not the middle-middle, to create symmetery and balanc in your photo. If you look ay some tumblr photos you'l see alot of them follow the rule of thirds.

o3- The lense is more importamt than the camera. I don't really know how to explain this but it's true. A more expensive lense on a cheap camera, looks better than a cheap lense on an expensive camera. I don't know if that makes sense.


Okay well those were my basic tips, I hope you enjoyed them. Now I will be sharing some photography ideas, and inspiration.

o1- Glitter shots. 
These are really popular especially on tumblr and instagram. You take some glitter and you blow it at thew camera, it looks really pretty.

o2- Fat camera selfies-
Hahahaha that is what I call them. They don't really have a name hahahaha, they're basically the type of picture in this set. they'r elike selfies but you can't see your face bacause the big fat camera's in the way. I think they're cute but whatevers.


o1- Take plastic bag, like a grocery bag, and pull it over the flash. This works as a light box, and will spread the light and illuminate everyone's faces.

o2-Replace the uncomfortable camera strap it comes with, and replace it with a comfortable scarf. Let me know if you want me a to do a DIY tip on that sometime.

Anyways girles that was my tip! Hope you guys enjoyed, and thought it was detailed enough. Let me know how I did in the comments below, it would really mean alot to me. If you have any request pm us or comment on our request set. PM us anytime we'd love to talk.

Love y'all to pieces!
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