-Frank Sinatra

[Cotton, Leather and NYLON; Sara Turlington]

[What] Clean-up-your-desk-and-get-ready-for-the-month-ahead day. :)
[Where] NYLON Office.
[Wearing] Sonia Rykiel blouse, superskinny black pants, Fendi platform pumps, Chanel purse (of course).

I came to work ridiculously early in the morning, looking ridiculously hungover, my hair limp and tossed back into a messy ponytail and swigging from a can of Coke Zero as if my life depended on it. Well technically, it did. The line at Starbucks was brutally long today so I'd decided to skip the coffee and get my caffeine fix from a can of vending-machine Coke instead.

Ali was at the office when I arrived, resting her head on her desk. She too, looked out of it.

"Morning," I said, sliding into my own chair. "Doesn't today feel like hell?"

She laughed weakly. "Tell me about it."

Last night's Hudson Jeans party had been wilder than I'd expected it to be. There was free-flowing booze, and we'd all gotten good and drunk. Waking up this morning had been absolute torture.

I drained my Coke and tossed the can away, then began straightening out my desk. It was unbelievably cluttered, seeing as I'd only been an intern here for less than two weeks. Papers, brochures, and stray Post-Its were strewn all over, along with tubes of lip gloss and random beauty products that we'd been reviewing for the August issue. I conveniently snatched up a tiny pot of Chanel Beaute's newest cream blush and dabbed some onto my cheeks so I'd look more alive.

I was so glad September was here. We interns would finally get to do some serious work instead of just running errands, and I couldn't wait for that.

Bring it on.


Wrote 5 years ago
i love your style !!!!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
ah you have so much more energy than i do in the mornings

Wrote 5 years ago
haha fun outfit!

Wrote 5 years ago
so pretty

Wrote 5 years ago
You're a trouper! =] -Sophia

Wrote 5 years ago
fabulous, way to look the part! xo-autumn

Wrote 5 years ago
can yall not talk so loud, my head still hurts. ♥ B. Rocha

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
mmm...i think it's probably all that caffeine! xxSara

Wrote 5 years ago
im still so effing hungover. how can you be so ENTHUSIASTIC?
-Ali xx