Well I went to my closet and pulled on some decent looking clothes didnt wantthe poor guy to think Iwas a snob(I finally got his name ERIC) I grabbed a pair of gray converse and grabbed Bellas dogleash.Iwasnt going to be obvious so im going to pretend to take Bella for a walk. Iopened the huge wood door and walked into the warm nightthat smelt like salty sea water. I heard music playing and knew the guysmust have brought out a stereo.

"Hey Julia" Eric said as I walked by his house. He shot a hoop then came overto me.

"Oh hey Eric" I said looking at my shoes. He really was a hawtie and that made me kinda shy but when Ilooked up I saw that he was blushing to(aww so cuteeeee)

"Hey dude im going to go" SAid his blonde friend putting his shirt back on and running past us but not before I noticed him giving Eric a thumbs up and then climbed into his car. WOOOOW guys are soooo guilable.

"So you live here?" I asked looking him dead on in the eye geuinely curious I mean we were neighbors.

"yeah i have for 4 years" He replied flashing me a smile.

"Wow yeah before I moved here I was living in new york with the rents but they decided moving out wouldteach me responsibility so here i am, the neighborhoodis nice andsois the school" Irambled on and on then I realized i had shared my life story.
He laughed at my rambling and so did I.

"WAnt to shoot some hoops?"he asked with a gleam in his eye telling me wanted me to say yes.

"Sure"I said tying Bella to a nearby tree and headed overto the court where he was standing with the ball in his hands.

He passed the ball to me.

"If you expect meto throw this i would take 10 steps back" I warned. Iwasnt cordinater at all and really didnt feel like gettinghim setnt to the hospital.

"Please what would you do" He scoffed looking me in the eyes waiting for the answer.

"Iwill have you know when I was in 6th grade i hit a girl in the chest a guy in the stomach and a boy in the head 2 with a teatherball and still managed to trip overthe pole" I replied recalling the hilarious memory but painful in the end.

"Ok then" he said stepping back.

Itook a shot and it bounced off the rim to the exactplace Eric had been standing. Before youknew it we were both on the ground clutching our stomachs and laughing histerachly.

"You wernt kidding" he said after we calmed down and he grabbed for my hand which i gladly took:)

"Yeah now you see" I replied smiling.

"Let me help" He said and grabbed the ball from its position on the ground and threw it to me and walked over.

"See what you do is...." he said and i blanked out the rest cause at this moment come on get higher came on and it was so perfect he put his arms on mine and his hands where mine were positioned on the basketball and helped me follow through.

"Whoosh" The goal sang. Wow I actually had done it.

"See"Eric said and we embraced. We both pulled back blushing.

"Crap i gotta get back" Ilooked at my watch it was 9:00 and Ineeded sleep.

"ohh me to"he said then added on"You wanna hang out tomorrow like maybe go to the beach?" He asked shy as could be.

"Ofcourse" I replied and without a second thought he kissed meon the cheek.

"See ya" he said walking into his house.

"yea see ya" I said smiling and untying Bella from the tree. I walked over to my house and entered then I ran to my room to pick out my outfit for the "Date":)

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Wrote 7 years ago
Doggy ^-^

Wrote 7 years ago
You two are perfect for each other!!! That's cool that you two played basketball! Maybe if you keep practicing with him you'll try out some day! Macy &hearts

Wrote 7 years ago
awww thx:) -Juls:S

Wrote 7 years ago
awwwwww. Thts so cute u two r prefect.

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