Battle of The Princesses

Battle of The Princesses
Moderated by pearls-and-peacocks.
Princesses have always influenced our lives but for this modern generation a certain group of princesses have helped us out even more. I'm talking about the disney princess. Every little girl growing up found themselves connected to some princess in one way or another, there's just something about their personalities that make us think of our own. Whether it be the sweet and romantic personality of Snow White, or the Motivated and determined personality of Tiana there is something admirable with all of them. This is what this battle is for, for you to show the world your favorite princess and aspects of her personality through your set making!
❤ Rules ❤
❤ This will be an individual group battle, you will not be on teams but on your own, however there may be some challenges where each princess will be assigned something so everyone who has chosen that princess will be told to do that certain thing in their set.
❤ You do not have to be an accomplished set maker to be a part of this group! Your sets do not have to be preppy, indie, girly etc. I want to show off all different kinds of set making so if your sets get 400 likes or 4 feel free to join!
❤Never ever copy someone else's set or use a template.
❤ There is a three strike system, if you do not compete in a challenge but i see you were on during the week I will give you a strike. If there is something going on that makes it so you can't make a set please tell me, I will be telling you when contests are up and will be giving you a three day warning so there should not be any 'not knowing that the contest was going on'
❤ Just because you don't place in a challenge doesn't mean you won't place in the next one.
❤ If you have read the rules label your set with a quote or lyric having to do with your princess
❤ this is an elimination battle, i'm not sure what round it'll start at but eventually the lowest scoring contestants will be eliminated, however it will not be until maybe rounds 8-10 that this happens so you will have plenty of time to get your points up!
❤Scoring System❤
❤ 1st -11 points
❤ 2nd - 10 points
❤ 3rd - 9 points
❤ 4th - 8 points
❤ 5th - 7 points
❤ 6th - 6 points
❤ 7th - 5 points
❤ 8th - 4 points
❤ 9th - 3 points
❤ 10th - 2 points
❤ Everyone else who does not get into the top 10 will get 1 point
❤ there will be at least 10 points of extra credit each round so try to do that!
❤ 50 likes, the title of the polyvore princess, a shoutout, a chance to be the next rounds mod
❤ 25 likes, a shoutout, a chance to be the next rounds mod
❤10 likes, a shout out, a chance the be one of the next rounds mods
Age: (not necessary)
Tell me a little about you?:
What princess do you pick?:
Two of your best sets:
Tag 10 people please?:
Group Link:
❤ Contestants ❤
Lixi - @lixi-bunny
Beth - @totallylost13
Sarah - @semper-eadem
Lexie - @punkrocksalt
Cloud - @hanging-with-lost-boys
Ireland - @ireland-skye-loves-youu - 10 points
Princess - @princess70xox - 7 points
Sophie - @youngandunafraid
Rain - @singing-in-the-rainy-daze - 10 points
Clara - @violet1998
Marisa - @marisatacoma
Nicci - @nicciclark-suupernerd
Celia - @silia1998
Ducky - @ducktape
Brooke - @brookeeex
@sweethope1999 - 10 points
Alexandria - @pretty-in-green - 10 points
❤Snow White❤
Grace - @graceful-whovian
Stella - @stellstar313
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