battle of the insanely musical polyvorians

scavenger hunt!!!!
*READ ALLL CAPTIONS AND INFO PLEASE!! (other wise you wont understand)*
you are going to be going around on polyvore and finding the items that fit the criteria in the captions and that match the theme of your group. You will then make a set out of the pictures in your collection and other pictures you like then enter your set into this scavenger hunt
Things you need to know:
~ each picture is worth 7 points
~ if i do not think the item applies to either the theme of your group or what i put in the captions you dont get the points
~ items are first come first serve so if any of your items are the same as someone in your groups you will not get the points
~ the only items that do not have to have the theme of your group is your favourite item, your nickname since birth and your favourite artist
~ you can not use any of the items i used in this collection unless one is your favourite
~ items must already be clipped to polyvore or else no points (otherwise it ruins all the fun)
~ you are welcome to look through my items i have roughly 130 pages so im sure you'll find something
~ if you get stuck ask me and i will help you find a limit of 3 items
So have fun everyone and good luck on your scavenger hunt!!!

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