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Battle of the OC Marvel Characters Season 2

Welcome to Battle of the OC Marvel Characters Season 2! Auditions Are: Open () Closed (✘) Audition Template: http://www.polyvore.com/battle_oc_marvel_characters_audition/template?id=1157260 Example: http://www.polyvore.com/battle_oc_marvel_characters_audition/set?id=203394799 In this group your OCs will battle it out to come out on top. Will heroes best the villains? Will the villains end the mutants existence? Will an innocent civilian be the one to save us all? Your character can be whoever you want them to be! Hero, villain, mutant, SHIELD agent, Inhuman, civilian, or anything else in the Marvel universe. RULES - - One OC per person - Keep it PG-13 at the max. - No templates or copying -If you fail to make up any missed contests during the catch up round, you will be disqualified. Mod's Example: Name: Alaska Username: @my-heart-is-art OC: Darcy Leanne Love Status: SHIELD Agent Points: n/a The Characters: Name: Gabis Username: @uss-nefelibata OC: Henry Van Dyne Pyn II Status: Civilian Points: 70 Name: Lisa Username: @miss-scarlet-wxtch OC: Alice Maverick Status: Avenger Points: 135 Name: Kurt Username: @kurtifer OC: Mateo LeBeau Status: Mutant Points: 100 Name: Mara Username: @puckleberryslushy OC: Valerie Jenkins Status: Mutant Points: 170 Name: Anna Username: @amarie104 OC: Cassandra Leonhart Status: Hero Points: 225 Name: Ella Username: @aussie-wannabe OC: Daeva Rogers a.k.a. Caphilim Status: Avenger Points: 185 Name: Irtis Username: @irtis OC: Ash Stark Status: Sort of Hero Points: 80 Name: Riley Username: @bunheads-hottie OC: Sierra Athena Carter-Coulson Status: Hero Points: 135 Name: Sierra Username: @homeschoolcool OC: Winter Lee Status: SHIELD Agent, Inhuman Points: 205 Name: Maddy Username: @x-no-judge-zone-x OC: Piper Stark Status: Hero Points: 190 Name: Sophia Username: @queen-atwell OC: Dakota Rae Sweeney Status: Hero Points: Name: Cheshire Username: @chxshire-cat OC: Meagan 'Meg' T. Donnelly Status: SHIELD Agent, Inhuman Points: Name: Violet Username: @a-desire-to-fandom OC: Kendall Louvel Status: Hero Points: Name: Julie Username: @macmgryffindor OC: Kelly Jackson Status: Mutant Points: 195 Name: Sabrina Username: @forebodinq OC: Hope Swanson Status: Hero Points: 195 Name: Aicha Username: @scarletwltch OC: Louis Carwell Status: SHIELD Agent Points: 215 Name: Anahelena Username: @starnahelena OC: Andromeda Washington (Andromedeas Boltagon) Status: Inhuman Points: 60 Name: Ashley Username: @evil-laugh OC: Ardisia Logrin Status: Villain Points: 110 Name: Ellie Username: @ellie-288 OC: Brooklyn Banes Status: Hero, Villain Points: 215 Name: Katie Username: @e-ureka OC: Mara Arany a.k.a. Crossfire Status: SHIELD Agent, Enhanced Points: 195 Name: Megan Username: @megiem OC: Haley Knight Status: Mystic, Hero, Civillian Points: 205 Name: Eliza Username: @mikaelsonlegacy OC: Thalia Maximoff Status: Avenger, Enhanced, Mutant Points: 205 Name: Tasha Username: @natasha-maree13 OC: Lucian Blackwell Status: Anti-Hero, Mutant Points: 215 Name: Lanie Username: @lanie103 OC: Spark Status: Hero, Avenger, Mutant Points: Name: Reya Username: @reya-selene OC: Theodosia "Theo" Harris Status: SHIELD Agent Points: 115 Name: Candysweetieglam Username: @candysweetieglam OC: Kensi Williams Status: SHIELD Agent Points: 180 Name: Rachel Username: @this-little-babydoll OC: Dinah Lee Status: Hero, Mutant Points: Name: Sarah Username: @sarahstardom OC: Serena "Wren/Winter" Winters Status: Mutant, Hero turned Villain Points: 230 Name: --- Username: @wolfquinn OC: Celena Edward Hardy Status: Mutant Points: Name: Username: OC: Status: Points: Taglist: @h-awkeye // @miss-scarlet-wxtch // @kurtifer // @puckleberryslushy // @avengersgirl3 // @amarie104 // @aussie-wannabe // @bunheads-hottie //@homeschoolcool // @x-no-judge-zone-x // @queen-atwell // @chxshire-cat // @a-desire-to-fandom // @macmgryffindor // @forebodinq //@scarletwltch // @starnahelena // @evil-laugh //@ellie-288 // @e-ureka // @megiem // @mikaelsonlegacy // @natasha-maree13 //@lanie103 // @reya-selene // @candysweetieglam // @this-little-babydoll // @sarahstardom // @wolfquinn Point System: (In addition to the requirements) 1st Place: 30 points 2nd Place: 25 Points 3rd Place: 20 points 4th Place: 15 points 5th Place: 10 points Honorable Mentions: 5 points Bonus round points system: 1st place - 20 points 2nd place - 15 points 3rd place - 15 points 4th place - 10 points 5th place - 10 points Honorable mentions - 5 points Prizes will be posted at the end!
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Moderator Announcement my-heart-is-art Posted 6 days ago
Congrats to the winners, it was soooo hard to pick! Honorable mentions are: @homeschoolcool @ellie-288 @mikaelsonlegacy

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