battle of the ORiGiNAL ♥

battle of the ORiGiNAL ♥
Moderated by summer-kisses.
another typical battle for all you guys to join. but the catch is, you have to be ORIGINAL (: apart from that, we're gonna have awesome contests that may require you to work with someone else or write a small set note. any styles are accepted ; cropped, preppy, high fashion & art c:
warning ; only join if you know how to NOT COPY & if you will be COMITTED to the battle.
O1. auditions will start at around 1OO - 12O members.

auditions - 3O people get through
round 1 - 2O people get through
round 2 - 15 people get through
round 3 - 1O people get through
round 4 - 8 people get through
round 5 - 6 people get through
round 6 - 4 people get through
semi - finals - 3 people get through
finals - the 3 winners will be placed
O2. please enter ONLY if you are on the list of contestants unless i tell you otherwise, a star in a bracket means that you have already entered the current round.
O3. keep to the deadlines of ONE / TWO WEEKS (if you have a GOOD reason why you can't enter, pm me and we'll figure it out) & to the contest theme or you will be placed last & maybe eliminated.
O4. do NOT use templates for any contests, unless they are your own, or i tell you to. this must be an ORIGINAL battle.
O5. do NOT get upset if you do get eliminated, it will be hard to choose. also, you can always audition for next season (:
O6. if you win first place, you are not allowed to participate in the following season.
O7. pm me if you have any questions / concerns, or if you want to drop out of the battle, i won't be mad ;D
CURRENT CONTESTANTS ( in random order ) ;;
3rd place - 5O set likes, 1O collection likes, a set advertising you & your name on this page (:
2nd place - 65 set likes, 15 collection likes, a set advertising you & your group & your name on this page (:
1st - 8O set likes, 2O collection likes, a set made especially for you & advertising your group, & your name on this page (:
& let the battle begin! good luck everyone :*
season one ;;
O1. @sadiegracepotterxo
O2. @xobellerenee
O3. @mirandacecilyxo
season two ;;
O1. @mazowiecki-becky
O2. @forever-sushan
O3. @sunkissed-maria
season three ;;
O1. @holly-violet
O2. @meghanweasley
O3. @hanialovvesyou
this battle group was founded on the 4th of june 2O11 ♥
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