Battle Of The Polyvore Styles

Battle Of The Polyvore Styles
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~This is completly 100% my own idea and credit to any groups similar.~
Welcome to Battle Of The Polyvore Styles (BOTPS), since there have been so many new styles emerging on Polyvore lately, I thought it would be a good idea to have them battle it out by competing in challenges. Here's how it goes:
★I wil take 35 girls to compete in this battle group, depending on how many people join the number may go up or down
★This is an individual battle group, there will be no teams or cliques.
★Every 1-2 weeks there will be a new challenge
**Here's how elimination will work:**
~Audition Round: 23 girls will move on
~Round 1: 3 girls will be eliminated
~Round 2: 2 will be eliminated
~Round 3: 3 will go
~Round 4: 3 will leave
~Round 5: 3 will be eliminated
~Round 6: 3 will pack their bags
~Round 7: 2 will say goodbye
~Round 8: 1 will go
~Round 9: 1 will be eliminated
So, I know your all wondering, What does the winner get? Well here's what:
♔The 1st place winner will receive 50 set likes, a promotion by me, and a collection dedicated to them
♔The runner up will receive 25 set likes, and a promotion by me

~No godmodding
~Everyone MUST enter all contests
~Not entering a contest will result in automatic elimination
~You must pm me if you can't enter a contest, otherwise I won't know and you will be eliminated
~Respect the mod at all times, not doing so may re
sult in elimination
~Have fun!!








Good Luck and may the girl with the best style win!!
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