Battle of the Popular.♥

Battle of the Popular.♥
Moderated by ashleyandcody.
Hey everyone! Welcome to Battle of the Popular Season 8! This season will be just like any other season, I'll have auditions, and you will enter your best set into the contest. Then, when the auditions conclude, I will choose about 30 people to move on to Round 1! Each round, until the finale I will eliminate around 3 people. Some rounds I will eliminate more, some rounds less, it just depends on the amount of people who do not enter the round. If you do not enter a round, then you are automatically eliminated! Pm me with any questions! Hope you all join and remember: HAVE FUN! ♥ (:
-If you've already won a previous season, i'd appreciate if you didn't particpate again, and give others a chance! Thanks!
ALSO, the most important thing is, you do NOT have to be "popular" to join this group! I was very uncreative when I named this group about... 4 years ago? (: haha.
Season 8 Winners!-
1. @xo-sunkissed
2. @jessie-liz-loveslikethis
3. @xobellerenee
4. @ohheyychelsea
Past Winners:
Season 1-
1st- @stolenmyheart
Season 2-
1st- @wnydii
Season 3-
1st- @chelsea and @jeffskinner
Season 4-
1st- @polyvoresgameschallenges
Season 5-
1st- @simplyyjulieexo
Season 6-
1st- @meghanashleyxo
Season 7-
1st- @classywithlove
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